Cancel Apple Pay transaction?

I recently made a purchase with Apple Pay (on my Mac), and was slugged with a ridiculously large shipping fee, which was not shown until the payment was processed.

Wondering if anyone has experienced cancelling an Apple Pay transaction, and how I would go about doing this? I could contact my bank, though should I go to Apple first?

I am trying to seek a resolution with the vendor, and want to know how to should I need the reverse the transaction.

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I suppose Apple is the payment processor so I would start with that, but they might very well point you straight back at your bank since you’re really just adding your card to their wallet???

You’ve got me interested in how this works. Make sure you let us know what you find out.

What? In what world does that make sense?

Take Apple Pay out of this for a sec. If you did the same thing online, and had it processed via a different credit card processor, would you call them up and say you wanted to reverse the transaction?

Or if you had a similar thing happen in-store, say they charged a surcharge that you weren’t aware of until after you had paid, and you banked with CBA but the store had ANZ terminals, would you call up ANZ and have them reverse the transaction?

Do you call up your energy provider when a breaker trips in your house? :roll_eyes:

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You may be right, but I pondered that in the second part of that statement and was why I asked for feedback. What part do ApplePay actually play in this process?

Now that I’ve looked back into my bank statements I only see ‘Tap and Pay’ transactions with merchants with no mention of ApplePay. So it does indeed look like they do nothing but present your card to a merchant.

Where it gets a little more convoluted (as I understand it) is that Apple don’t present your real credentials to the merchant to protect your card. This was a large part of the justification Apple gave for never giving direct access to the NFC capabilities of the iPhone.

But then the merchant is what shows on my bank statement (and near instantly as a pop up message on my iPhone/watch when I make a payment.

Something like this, and in real time:
Card -> ApplePay -> Merchant Machine -> Merchant Bank

Again, you’re probably right that it’s all with the bank, but with Apple doing some sort of translation in the middle, what if any guarantee/liability do they hold? Or do the banks simply agree this is a digital extension of your physical card and all the same terms and condition apply?

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No, that’s what you agree to you when you accept your bank’s terms and conditions when you add your card to Apple Pay.

Appreciate the comments.

I recall in the past having a shipping fee added after paying with Apple Pay, in that the payment goes through before a shipping process is displayed. I’ll have to pay more attention next time (maybe it is there in small print on the Apple Pay pop up window?)

Fortunately, the vendor has indicated they will provide a refund (waiting confirmation on the funds return).