Cannot set manual DNS on iPad since last update


As it says. I havent used Getflix on my iPad Pro, ever, but on the older Air2 I never had any issues. iOS is simply refusing to allow me to have anything but Automatic DNS (and yes, I do try to save, but it immediately reverts to Auto and the router DNS).

Its still working on the AIR2 which I had not updated to 12.2, but am now doing so, so will see if the Getflix DNS persists or if iOS reverts it to 192 etc

Any clues, anybody?



My iPhone 8 Plus is on 12.2 and I just changed the DNS and it did work, in my case the network has firewall rules set to actively block anyone using anything other than the automatically configured DNS which made me not be able to access the internets. (I’ve now added myself to the exception rule and everything is now working with the alternative DNS without any of the filtering the network usually forces.

I’ve also just grabbed my daughter iPad Pro 10.5 on 12.2 and that’s taking the changed DNS and back to auto without issues so I don’t think it’s a software problem.



Its truly weird. I think you’re right because none of my other devices have the issue. Tried a reboot, no go. Think I will back up and do a clean restore.