Can't access website with Safari, but no issues with Chrome - Why?


I’m trying to access my bank account using Apple Safari (Version 9.1.3). I can enter my account number in the Account Number box and I can enter my password in the Password box, but when I click on the big ‘Login’ button, nothing happens! It’s as if the button just doesn’t function!

Now when I do the same, but this time using Google Chrome (Version 65.0.3325.181) bang! I’m straight in no issues!

So why does the webpage’s login button not work in Safari, yet does in Chrome? It seems Safari simply isn’t executing the (javascript) code relating to the login function.

Obviously the code is valid else Chrome wouldn’t be able to pass it and I don’t have any issues lwith any other websites that require a similar Login’ to access the main site.



Got any content blocking extensions installed in Safari?



Are your plug-ins up to date in Safari?

Clear cookies and try again?



Which bank?

Another Apple Talker who is a customer of that bank may be able to advise whether it works for them.