Can't launch iPhone 8 camera


I have been having this recurring issue with the camera app, i just get a black screen! It’s the same for the front facing camera as well, so suggests that it’s a software issue and not hardware? Works after i restart my phone but this is getting pretty annoying as it is happening at least once a week.

Anyone else having the same issue?


Sounds like it might be worth backup and restore? Time consuming I know, but if it is a software issue, that will sort it.


I’ve seen the same behaviour with my iPhone 7. However it only happened once and a restart fixed it.


You could try a “Reset All Settings”. It’s pretty much one step away from a full restore without having to resync all your music/apps/etc. I’ve done it a few times when the battery started to play up after an iOS update and it fixed the problem every time (granted, I have a 6S, but I still think it’s worth a try).


I didn’t restore it from a backup when i got the iPhone 8. I will try and do a backup & restore tonight to see if it helps. I’ve done the reset all settings but to no avail.


It occasionally happens for me too.

I just “double tap and swipe up” to kill the camera app. It works straight away then.


This is a perfect example of the only time when force quitting an app is appropriate - ie when something has crashed. :+1: