Car Avoidance Systems - Potential Abuse?



I forget what the car was - but a pretty “normal” family car - was advertised tonight on the tellie as having crash avoidance technology.

I couldn’t help but think to myself - If your car will now stop if it sees an object in front of it - including a person… what’s to stop criminals from walking out in front of you, thus forcing your car to stop, and leaving it unable to move - and then carjacking you?




In the VW version it applies the brakes at low speeds to stop the car. It doesn’t prevent you moving after you have stopped.

Plus it would be a very brave/ foolish carjacker who assume the car was going slow enough, the system would react fast enough that the car would not still hit them.


If your car didn’t have an avoidance system and someone stepped out in front of you to stop you, what would you do?

Need more rum for this conversation.


I think the idea is if you don’t see them/ react the car will.

Don’t think i would like to test it though


LOL @ Rum

T’would help…!

Yes, I doubt I’d step out in front of a car now… But if “all” cars are heading this way, in the next decade or two we could expect feasibly that people could readily identify cars with this feature, and if daring enough, step out to stop a car- or more sensibly perhaps- use a prop of some kind to trigger the sensors…

Then if the car still thinks it’s at risk of collision… It may stop forward motion…?


I keep my doors locked for a reason :smiley: I assume these cars can be overridden if the driver wishes.


Sis, cars that have this feature would also include an auto door lock feature (which has been a thing for decades).

So if some psycho did what you said, they’d still need to break into the car before you realised what was happening and speed off :skull: