Change of Font?


Have I don’t something screwy or did the font change in the last day or so?

I setup a new PC which I’ve been using the last couple of days and only just switched back to the Mac and it’s the same?

Looks all strange and different… shakes fist at clouds
(that and I’m just becoming a cranky old man)


Nah, I’m seeing Times New Roman (or something) as body text as well, it’s because we moved a few files to S3 and things have never quite been the same… I believe @tcn33 is looking into it.


Can you do a shift-refresh and see if that fixes it? Looking okay here.


Huh, even after doing the “empty cache and hard reload” thing in Chrome it still looks like Times, but it looks fine in Safari.



same here. only using chrome at the moment as for some reason Safari will crash randomly when scrolling on my 2009 27" imac. Also using serif font on Firefox (45.0b6)


I thought it was intentional and an attempt at retro. Looks fine now.


Same here, Chrome is wacky, Safari is fine.


FYI. Error thrown by Chrome is: Font from origin ‘’ has been blocked from loading by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘’ is therefore not allowed access.


Is there the same issue for the favicon.ico ? (I’ve noticed that isn’t showing up in new threads).


How quaint and retro the serif font looks.


Can confirm - looks fine in Safari - Times New Roman (or whatever it is) in Chrome.

The joys of working with multiple browsers as a web developer.


Cheers. Bucket policy is updated and Chrome looks fine to me. Ping me if you see anything different.




Farewell olde Serif. Glad you could drop in and say hello.


Two fonts walk into the bar, and the barman says, “Sorry lads, we don’t serve your type.”


And now it’s pretty again :slight_smile:

nice. very nice.