Charging a 2014 macbook air without mains power or generator


The short version

What are the options for charging an Apple macbook air without using mains power or a fuel generator?

The longer version

I am travelling to a remote property and need to charge my Macbook air several times over a 2-3 week period. The place has a 12 volt set up to run various things. Engel fridge, lights, small fan etc. I will also have access to whatever charging options are available in a 2009 vehicle.



You can get a cigarette lighter inverter. I’ve had one in the past that will run power from car that Macbook Pro can connect to.


Just don’t use it without car running! :joy:

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Thank you. I am going to go with purchasing the inverter you suggested.

I have since found out that the property owner has a cigarette lighter socket on the 12 volt solar set up. So it appears that I will be able to plug this new inverter into that, instead of the car cigarette lighter.




Works fine ‘not running’ when you’ve got a dual battery setup where one is isolated and deep cycle (lots of 4 wheels drives are set up this way).

I’ve used my laptop for days when camping like this (in combination with LED camp lights) before I needed to hook up the solar panel to top up the deep cycle battery.



A friend mentioned a sinewave inverter today as being a safer charging option for sensitive equipment. Not sure if this is overkill or not.



Pure Sine is much better than simulated Sine, but for your application a proper 12V DC power adaptor is likely more efficient than going 12V > 240V > 16.5V (or whatever the MacBook actually takes in the end).

A 12V > 240V inverter is handy if you have other devices you might want to use, but if it’s really only for the MacBook I’d go for a dedicated adaptor.



Thank you The_Hawk.

When you say a ‘dedicated adaptor’ are you referring to a genuine Apple product?




I don’t believe Apple sell a genuine 12V adaptor, so you’re stuck with aftermarket from fleaBay or similar.

I’ve never used or bought one myself, but here is an example of one of the first ones I saw on eBay:



Thank you.