Charging all your devices


Continuing the discussion from "Bed-time lock" for iPad?:

In talking about locking up an iPad while it’s charging overnight I started talking about my charging solution(s) around the house but figured it was worthy of its own topic so have started this thread.

The main charging solution for us lives in the lounge room, it’s a Griffin Powerdock 5 and serves all the kids iPads and various other things. It used to be the ‘everything’ charger until everything sort of became too much with all the iPads, Kindles, 3DS, tiny helicopters, Garmin Watch, Sphero… etc etc etc… all the things that charge via USB. I mean 3 kids with iPads only leaves two ports for all the other things which are quickly overwhelmed. Luckily there I also have a small UPS for the home theatre which provides another two ports.

I recently grabbed one of these and bolted it to the wall above my wifes lounge chair. I need to get a longer power cable and tidy up the routing a little to better hide it, but it provides 4 ports of power to charge her iPad, Apple Pencil, and Kindle (which have nice short cables) as well as one spare port for a longer lightning cable so she can run it down to the lounge to allow her to keep working/playing with a device while it charges. It also works as a nice little shelf to hold all the things out of the way rather than just sitting on the arm of her lounge chair. (She doesn’t have space for a table in “her corner”.

On my side of the room, I do have a table so I’ve added an Ikea Riggard lamp with Qi charging + 1 x USB A port. That covers the basic charging needs I have for my iPhone 8, the ATV4 remote and my blood pressure cuff.

I’ve got one of these in the Kitchen, mostly because the old powerpoint died and I figured while I was replacing it I might as well spend the extra bucks to get this convenience. On a side note, I love this idea but only when the power point is accessible or permanently houses a dock (like behind a bedside table). For most older houses the location of the points makes these less useful much of the time.

There are also a bunch of stock Apple chargers + docks and speakers of various kinds in bedrooms plugged into powerboards (I think one room has a powerboard with USB ports) but mostly not, again mostly thanks to the placement of wall outlets making distances the limiting factor unless you go out and buy 3m long lightning/micro USB cables.

So do other people have issues in providing enough USB power points? What is your solution(s)?


I have a couple of those Delta Power Points, one in the Bedroom and one in Kitchen. Conveniently, the one in the Bedroom is next to one of the bedside tables, so leave the watch and phone chargers permanently plugged in.

Also picked-up a few of these secondhand. They are attached to the two rear Sonos speakers in the Livingroom.