Choice Broadband Performance Measurement


Choice is asking for more participants in its Broadband performance measuring program.

Ive been participating as part of the beta program. They send out a device( size of a deck of cards) that you leave plugged in your modem. So you need a spare ethernet port.

They publish monthly ISP performance reports with the aim of making more accurate recommendations. Also may help pressure ISPs and NBN??


Done. I think I applied for this way back when. Happy to do it again.

My Ubiquiti USG does this automatically anyway and my profile is pretty predictable (Optus Cable).


Just applied.

[edit] Forgot to add type and supplier: FTTN: Exetel. I might add I have no real complaints. Good speeds and pings. I’d be a happy little camper if I was an online gamer.


Have signed up to this again. Got accepted into the ACCC Government one but I still haven’t received my box even know both me and Tony got accepted at the same time and his box has arrived.


May seem self centred, but 10% of my bandwidth with no compensation, just to provide Choice data they sell to people? No thanks. :man_shrugging:

I find you can already get a good feel for what the best ISPs are just by visiting Whirlpool.


I dont mind that because I only use a fraction of my available. I have 500GB, and rarely go over 150… I can spare a bit over the next 3 years


What you’ve described is data allowance, not bandwidth.


I know the difference, bennyling. The requirement is 10% of the monthly data allowance.

“You confirm you are aware of and accept that program testing will use approximately 10% of your monthly data allowance.”


Oh! Then it is @jaysee that is wrong.


Yes. But it doesnt really matter, does it. Either way.


Hell yeah it does! The details always matter.


Technically correct is the best kind of correct


Not to forget… 3 years is longer than even the longest contract term for an ISP.

I know some people stay with the same ISP for extended periods of time but I suspect they’d have a substantial loss in numbers by the end of the period.


Whilst I agree that giving Choice something for nothing may seem distasteful, they do, I believe, have a little bit of clout behind their name… and whilst you may have to pay for some of their info, the people that need to hear what Choice has to say will pay those fees…

Not that I’m taking part. :slight_smile: Technically or otherwise.


I must have misread. Mind you if it’s going to use 10% of my bandwidth (and I have 1TB also) then it’s downloading 100gig of data at some point, which will have an impact on my internet bandwidth obviously. So I’m still not interested. :man_shrugging:


lol. Well said :slight_smile: