Circumvent Apple's Mail filter


I understand, but I trust Apple a lot more than I trust Google.


Well, there’s a cost with running an email service, right?

Some companies (i…e. Gmail) are willing to cover that cost for you if you can give them your data. Some other companies will show you ads in your email (i.e. Hotmail) instead of selling your data to cover the cost. And then there are services like Fastmail, that are serious email providers on par with Gmail or Hotmail, who run a business where you’re not the product and they don’t show you ads, so therefore they need to charge to keep their lights on.

So it’s a case of: you can either sell you data instead of paying the cost of email hosting; watch ads instead of paying the cost or email hosting; or just pay the cost of email hosting. But you can’t have non-advertisement, non-data scraping email hosting for free.

RE: iCloud, you do actually pay for iCloud, either in the cost of your hardware or the extra storage if you pay for it. But I’d put iCloud email on par with ISP provided email. It’s conceptually fine, but the service is flakey and unreliable and the webmail is slow.

Make sense? :slight_smile:


@AVC am I to assume you also don’t like Zoho? (Link posted in my previous post)


Sorry, I missed that.

I’m reticent to change email providers. I haven’t noticed any emails missing that I should be getting through my iCloud account, so until that happens I’m sticking with it.

I was more just putting the feelers out there to see if anything similar was around.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: