Classic environment not supported

I have Mac OS High Sierra ver 10.13.6 Mac Pro .
I recently legally purchased a game. When I try to install. Popup states " Classic environment not supported"
I’ve searched web an laptop for emulator or preference changes for hours but still getting know where or are able to change settings…
Any advise would be great…

Is the game a retro project? The classic environment pertains to MacOS 9, which would be run inside of OSX for certain applications, but it went out the door with Intel Macs like… 15 years ago. You wouldn’t have access to it in High Sierra or on a Mac Pro.

I believe there is a MacOS 9 emulator for these purposes. Sheepshaver:

Classic hasn’t been part of OS X since 10.4.

I have used Sheepshaver, though not recently. When I did use it, it required you to install MacOS 8.5, or at least use a working install from elsewhere. Installing any of these OSs is problematic now as you can’t run the installers unless the machine supports Classic, which means you have to be running an older machine with 10.4 or earlier.

You might be better off just finding an old Mac that can run your game natively if that’s practical. Almost anything pre-Intel (2006) should be useable I would think - G3/G4/G5.

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That’ll work, too. But I presume if @Jasper1 doesn’t want to acquire a whole new computer (new to him, I mean), then investigating the emulator situation might be more realistic.

I have to assume this is retrocraft, because I cannot imagine why else a new purchase would require the classic environment to begin with…

I just watched the vid and see what you mean now - that person installed OS 9 without having to launch installers on the host machine, which is what I had to do when I used it and something you can’t easily do now. Sheepshaver was, at the time, a way of running old stuff in a ‘real’ Classic MacOS environment. I used for it for a game that would not run in Classic; my first ever computer game and still something I miss - the great Spectre Challenger!

Don’t know where jasper1 is located but if it’s Brisbane check this out:

Thanks for advice… so I was sold a dudd not applicable to my computer…
Cheers :slight_smile:

Not everyone is tech savvy… just eager to learn…
Thanks all the same. Just wanted to play an old favourite…

Don’t give up! Try to see if you can get Sheepshaver to work, then you will be able to play it–assuming it really is what you think it is.

This is the last OS9 package I had installed.
I was able to run Propellerheads Rebirth on it.
Was a few years ago and haven’t tried it for a while.