Cloth Band for Apple Watch?


I wish!! My skin gets so sweaty with the others (I now have milanese loop in both leather and metal, as well as leather standards)… I figure nylon would be just as bad.

Has anyone seen anything like that on their travels?


What about the nylon ones on ebay?


Nylon will be sweaty, i reckon


It isn’t. I have an eBay nylon one and it’s fine. It actually retains a fair bit of water after showering or swimming though.


Nylon’s by far the most breathable, but it still gets sweaty. I’ve stopped wearing mine in summer altogether because it was actually starting to bit manky and sweaty.

How do you guys clean your nylon watch bands? I threw mine in a pair of jeans pockets and put it in the wash.


Have you considered just grabbing one of the cheap adaptors off ebay so you can then use any standard watch band you can find rather than trying to find one for an Apple Watch?


Yes. Couldnt find any at the timre. I’ll look again. Thanks :slight_smile:


It might be worth just finding something on eBay which is close enough and includes the adaptors. In my case I wanted a metal claspy thing for mine and was looking at one of those adaptors so I could just buy one from the local watch place.
In the end, I paid about $20 for a complete metal band on eBay figuring that if it sucked I could just cannibalise it for the adaptor. I could have saved a few bucks and just got the adaptors, but for what I paid it was worth it anyway.

A few months on I’m still using the same band and haven’t felt the need to replace it… Win!


Yeah and I dont need to find more, the leather bands I bought (which are actually quite nice, just dont much like the buckles) have adapters and they also included as part of the package, little screwdrivers to take them apart.

I may try the nylon though. If it gets “manky” (had to giggle at that) I can always wash it.

I find the metal milanese loop not toooo bad but not as comfy as the silicon straps which are the most comfortable ones I have ever had.


I don’t know what you mean, manky is a perfectly cromulent word…


LOL!!! Neologisms abound.


Ok. Now you guys are just being ridonculous.