Compact applications


I thought I might start a thread for those of running older Mac with low resolution screens. Every year it seems applications take up more screen real estate… bigger toolbars and more wasted space. I keep doing things to reclaim space in my browser for instance. In Firefox using a compact toolbar and turning things off such as the bookmarks toolbar as its not a space in itself for storing things. I still feel siting here that there is so much toolbar creep that I’m losing even more desktop space every year to bigger toolbars which I find incredibly poor UI.

  • I thought we might be able to come up with some minimalist apps that don’t waste screen space.

On another note I seem to be getting sick of these web standards in particular that default everything to 36point font like we’re all blind. It’s really not nescessary.

I don’t mean to pick on things because its something that does happen even on this site, but using 36point font and iframes rather than full screens for content in 2018 is really obnoxious especially when I want to minamise the font size to save screen real estate but end up with everything bunched up in the middle of the screen as a result.

I’m sure I’m not the only one.