Company to sell used electronics?

I know of online companies like Gazelle which buys your used electronics (phones/computers) etc.

Do we have a trusted one in Australia that does the same type of thing? I have old Mac mini/iMac/drobo that I want to get rid of and recoup some money. But don’t want the hassle of low ballers and scammers on gumtree or eBay.

Just want to get a quote and then send all off to trusted company. Then receive money direct to bank account.

Any good ones out there that buy old tech stuff?

Could always put these items up on here. I’d be interested in more information about the drobo?

There’s a couple around but I have heard mixed reviews about them. Remember the services take their cut as well so you generally get less then what you would get selling them yourself but you do get less headaches however sales on here have been pretty quick and seamless.


I concur. I’ve only ever sold a couple of things on here (well, Mactalk, actually, but pretty much the same people), but much less fuss than anywhere else.

[edit] and just out of curiosity I put in a request to sell my 2010 macbook which has been updated with a new battery, an SSD and 8GB replacing 2GB… and was offered $42. I think not. LOL!!

Most businesses that buy your 2nd hand gear will only offer cripplingly low prices - barely worth the effort of not making an effort… if you know what I mean.

You can always set a Buy it now price on eBay, or a minimum price. But do some research first into the actual prices that people are really paying - Don’t look at what people list their Macs/etc for - look at what “completed” listings reach, to get an idea of what the true market value is.

(Case in point - the MacPro5,1 I picked up off eBay was $670, but similar machines are often listed for well over $1200… Doesn’t mean people PAY that much though.)

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Thanks for the links. Hmm $14 for a 2009 Mac mini? I think I could do better :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware we could sell stuff here. Is there a special sub-forum?

There is, but you have to be a frequent visitor and poster to get access. We don’t much like driveby sellers, so admin has set some ground rules. Thats one of them.

Not for Australia… but this is related, and interesting:

This business gives quotes on what they’ll pay you for a modern Mac, which you can get as credit at Apple, Visa card, Paypal.

The interesting part - anything that has any kind of physical damage, or is beyond a few years old, and it just says to send for free to get it recycled…

As we all know, Macs hold their value - even not working! Hate to think people decide to just toss the machines out cos they’re a few years old and have a dent…

They could toss them to me!

There are a few different places that buy second hand mobile’s and computers. If you have the patience then FaceBook market place can be good. I have used Mobile Trade to sell my old MacBook Pro. It was slightly damaged but never the less I was still paid $550 which isn’t bad for a machine that’s 5 years old and quite dented…