Connecting a PC to an Apple Cinema Display (Mini DisplayPort)


Anyone had experience with connecting a PC with an Apple Cinema Display (mini DisplayPort model)?

The PC Graphics card has DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. I assume the easiest/only option is DisplayPort.

I am having trouble locating an adapter that goes from DP to mDP (most seem to be mDP to other).

Wondering if this might work?

Any recommendations?



This may be what you want


Thanks. I found similar on the Kogan site. Cheap (and likely nasty). Already not here within the shipping time stated. Will see next week if it works


I went with a felmale to male min display port extension cable and a min displayport (female) to displayport adatpor (male).

It works AND the colour is manifestly better than on the BenQ display previosuly hooked up to the PC.


Glad to hear it worked ok. :slight_smile: I have client with a couple of PCs running 24-inch cinema displays, I always just threw a video card with a miniDP on it and they just worked. :slight_smile:


I have sporadic issues with nothing being displayed on boot on the Cinema Display. Sometimes it just works a few days later. Some days with being diconnected from power, others with a MBP plugged in to receive power from the Cinema Display and it wil work again. Sometims just works wihtout doing anything.

I upgraded the logic board and PSU when I first had issues (both were tested by a PC tech and no issue found). Has a relatively new ~$500 GPU (there were no issues with the DVI port and previous monitor). Will plug into the TV via HDMI to see if that produces a signal

The SSD has issues (windows prompts for repair and fails, I had suspicisons for some time), and last time I had a video signal a display, the audio stopped working (I was able to get the right channel to work again).

Not sure if replacing the SSD will improve this, so consdering a new monitor (can repurpose the Cinema Display).

Why am I posting??
I am hoping for recommendations on a new monitor — after using the Cinema Display, I do not want to go back to poor colour quality.

  • Under $500.
  • 27" would be nice, though can work qith 24 just fine.
  • Not interested in curved (unless someone very highly recommends one).

Suggestions appreciated…

UPDATE: plugged into TV and received a signal. Either GPU DisplayPort, the DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort adapter have issues it would seem.

Apple Cinema Display (mDP) connection issues