I wouldn’t be too concerned about numbers climbing. I expect things to largely return to normal by July 1. Crowds will return to sports this year, as will travel to NZ. International travel unlikely before December.

I think that’s a bit optimistic, the Queensland government have already said they’re keeping the state borders closed until September. And WA aren’t looking at opening up yet either.

Possibly there might be a partial open excluding Vic and NSW.

Japan hit 0 deaths for the first time in months, but we sill have infections upticking since we ended our state of emergency on May 31st. By June 3rd, some restrictions had already been re-instituted.

I’ve been remote work since the last week of March and I am not slated to return until July 1st at the earliest.

90% of my job can be done remotely, or by remoting into my office PC, so I have pretty much no need to be anywhere near the building. I also commute by train 90 minutes each way, and that is the bigger reason they don’t want me coming into the office.

NZ has eliminated the virus at least, and reopened everything internally. I can’t wait to have that trans-tasman bubble opened so we can go there for holidays again.

Yeah Qld are being overly cautious in my opinion, I’d even go as far to call it ridiculous. Qld have 5 active cases from a peak of 902 in April. That said, NSW active cases are coming down very slowly and I honestly have to question the accuracy of their reporting.

Click and scroll down to 11-12 June

Most states had very low or zero new cases recently but the recents protests (worthy as the cause is) have the potential to cause an uptick in the numbers, combine that with the relaxing of interstate travel and we might see a moderate increase in a week or two.

If that doesn’t happen then Australia should be back to ‘almost normal’ like NZ is in a month, maybe two months max (international travel excepted).

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I don’t think the protests will bring up the numbers, I think the day to day stuff will bring it up. The shops are packed again and not many are social distancing even though stores try and enforce the rules.

I think protests will be the “excuse” for the numbers when they jump up. The govt pretty much said they were expecting the numbers to move again once rules were relaxed and it makes sense. Some people probably already have it and are just assuming it’s the flu.


The federal government should also consider the lack of social distancing for the millions who went shopping indoors last weekend, and not just the tens of thousands who were protesting outdoors.

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Quite a few photos of shops and weekend markets circulating for the last couple weeks where people seem to think all is good, so not physical/social distancing at all.

It’s quite concerning… Still tens of thousands getting ill, and thousands others dying, around the world. It’s far from close to over.

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Agreed, shops are packed this weekend and last. If/when there is an increase in infections it will be due to that, people back at pubs, and commuting to work again.

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Yep, thats why I am getting my supplies delivered again. I’ll do my own shopping (preferred) once the first flush of freedom is over. I mostly grocery shop at 6am anyway, and until the Great Toilet Paper Debacle, nobody else was ever there at that time. Its safe enough these days though.

Now that Melbourne is in Stage 3 lockdown and we’re having to wear masks, how far away is Touch ID from returning to the iPhone? I’m over having to type my passcode in multiple times every day.

I’ve been sent a video that contains the most effective public health message I’ve seen so far on Covid-19. It is of Scotland’s Minister for Health telling every one, in no uncertain terms, that unless people stay indoors during the lockdown that ‘We’re all gonna die’. The profanity-loaded delivery, in an attention-grabbing accent, should shock the most complacent Pandemic deniers.

There’s no problem forwarding the email to friends and I’d love to post the video here, with a warning about strong language and suggesting the children be sent out of the room as should anyone who is easily offended. I can find no way to post it as I don’t have an URL.

I don’t belong to FB or any other social media which seems to be the only way I can find.

Any suggestion? I’d run it by a moderator first.

Please post here. I’ll then post on FB (as no doubt, will others). I think I may have already seen it, but I cant remember, theres so much about.

Are you sure it’s not on YouTube or something like that already?

Thanks Kyte and Hawker. I can’t find that particular video on uTube or anywhere else. There are plenty of others from Scotland’s health minister. It has probably been taken down as ‘too offensive’ to come from a Gov’t ministry. As mentioned, I’m not on social media.

I can’t post it or I’d have already sent it to bennyling for vetting first. Given that those two Queensland women have just visited Melbourne and Sydney, apparently avoided the border checkpoints and/or lied on their pass applications then slithered back into Queensland with the virus, I don’t think the polite messages are cutting through to everybody.

I received it in an email, not as an attachment or a link to open. I can, and have, forwarded the email.

Kyte, if you want to PM me with your email I’ll send it to you. Just remember you’ve been warned about the language. ( I won’t share it or spam you!) It doesn’t bother me. Send it to a moderator here, too, or post it yourself if you know the limits. I just want to share it as a public service.

A board member asked for the email with the video so I’ve sent it so it may appear here yet. Hope it gets through to some of the idiots who are flouting the rules. Probably not though. They’re unlikely to be viewing anything their current influencer hasn’t promoted!

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I think I have now seen this, it was sent to me in a message on facebook. Its hilarious :slight_smile: Is your the one with Nicola Sturgeon, but the audio from another person who’s not afraid of bad language?

It probably is that one . I don’t do F/B and don’t know who did the substitute audio. I think it has the type of shock value that’s probably necessary to get through to some of the idiots who don’t get it yet.