Cupertino and Games — a panel at PAX Aus 2014


Just thought I’d put this here, seeing as PAX Aus 2014 is this weekend and everything (tickets are now sold out, so you’re either going or you’re not).

Anyway, yours truly will be on a panel about Cupertino and Games with some of the folk from Reckoner (yes, now you know why I published a gaming review today after weeks of nothing). We’ll be talking about whether Apple really cares about gaming on the Mac and iOS devices, as well as looking at the progress that’s been made recently with the Mac getting a bunch of ports of games and the like.

We’re on at 5pm in the Kookaburra theatre on the Friday, which means we’re a pretty good panel if you don’t really care about MOBAs in the Australian market, custom characters in games, Australian indie development on the world stage, BioWare storytelling (gulp), or the realities of writing about games. But for real, you should come and see.

The panel will probably be recorded and put up on the Reckoner website sometime after the event, so even if you can’t make it, you should be able to listen to the audio. I’ll update this post with a link when that’s available.