Cursor disappears in portrait mode


I’ve got my MBP 2017 connected to a 24" monitor and I’m trying to get the OS to display in portrait mode. When I go into display settings and set the rotation to 90 degrees everything displays as it should but the mouse cursor disappears. I’m using a 1st gen Magic Mouse.

It works find on the MBP screen, but when I move it to the now portrait monitor it disappears. I can see it’s technically there because when I manage to move it over something clickable it shows itself for a nanosecond.

I’ve tried doing command+tab, I’ve tried launching mission control, but neither works to bring it back.

The problem is I can’t even select the “keep” button because of this, and it reverts back to landscape in 15 seconds.

Would anybody have any suggestions on what I could do to fix this?


Are you sure it’s not just moving the mouse off screen and positioning the portrait display in a different logical location in the display settings?




Video showing the behaviour:


Does this problem persist after a reboot?


If you enable Full Keyboard Access to All Controls from Keyboard in System Prefs, you should be able to tab to the keep button in the pop-up window.


Thank you for these suggestions. I followed @bennyling’s advice and that allowed me to apply the rotation, and then I rebooted. Still no cursor unfortunately.

Maybe I should try a thunderbolt 3 to DisplayPort cable…maybe it’s the Setachi dock I’m using causing the issue. I’m presently using HDMI to DVI through it.

One of the downsides of the new MBPs is I just don’t have those cables lying around, I’d have to order them just to test.


Click the “Gather Windows” button on the other screen (where you have cursor) then click confirm. :slight_smile: