Dead iphone


Welp, I had to send my iPhone 5S off to Apple today. This is the second replacement handset. After the SIM socket died on my last phone, this one had green lines running down it like a broken LCD screen… Except it was just the glass itself and not the screen underneath. It had been becoming slowly more unresponsive over the last three days… I’m beginning to regret buying a 5S. I just wanted a 4.7inch phone rather than a 6. The irony is I’m borrowing a 6S at the moment.

We’ll see how this goes.


Get a refurb SE. The SE is still the best for size/features/performance combination in both iOS and Android lands.


I asked the woman working at the store that day, she said I wouldn’t get anything back from Apple other than another 5S… I’m tempted to sell my new phone, when I get it back, to get an SE. I just don’t know how much of a hit I’ll take and what the market is for a brand new iPhone 5S right now.


As Apple didn’t want me to upgrade to as SE2, so that left my wife using my old 4S, so I bought her a RoseGold 64GB (excellent condition) off eBay What she got was actually in better condition than my SE :slight_smile:



Everyone in my immediate family is now on an SE. I’d planed to buy a SE2 and hand down my SE to a younger sibling, but we instead bought another SE :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’m pretty set on selling it, I have a 6 also but the screen was repaired by some dodgy person so it doesn’t work properly. I guess it will do for now. I’ll see how much a new with warranty iPhone 5S goes for.