Deals and discounts - media and apps


So I’ve decided I want to build up my iTunes library of movies, but I like a discount. For apps and Amazon, I have always referred to and

For iTunes movies, I have been using

I just discovered but the prices don’t seem to match what I’m seeing in iTunes. I assume the prices are for the US store.

So, does anyone know how else to easily find and monitor discounted iTunes movies?


You might be better off buying discounted iTunes cards and using those to redeem on movies. For example Woolworths currently have 20% off iTunes Cards $30, $50, & $100.


I get 25% off everything iTunes and App Store by buying in bulk whenever there’s a good deal on those cards. :+1:


I’ve heard that Officeworks now just have a standing 20% off iTunes cards all the time. Like jaysee I try to just buy bulk cards when they turn up 25% off. Speaking of, I need to buy some more… and OzBargain are good sources to find out when they’re available cheaply!


guys, I’m not asking for discounts on cards, I’m quite able to source that myself.

I want discounts within the iTunes Store on films.

For example, Taken 2 is $4.99 to rent and $14.99 to buy. But on Friday it was $4.99 to BUY.

So I have to check the app I mentioned every day. Is anyone else aware of how to locate discounted movies in iTunes?

And I repeat, I already use discounted iTunes cards. Now I want to purchase films when they are on special.


But the problem is it is hard to work out when such specials will occur, that is why I use discounted cards so there is always a discount.


I know this is kind of off topic, (but similar),

Coles now have 25% discount on iTunes cards, that’s about as good as it gets.


I bought 4 $30.00 cards yesterday. They only had a few $30.00 cards at my local Coles.


If there’s a good movie discount, and I remember, I will post about it here. Recently I have bought HD copies of Office Space, Predator, Die Hard 4 and Aliens. They cost me $21 total, and if we factor in a 20% discount from the iTunes card, they actually cost me the princely sum of $16.80 :slight_smile:



great topic…
you are right, the is a little misleading :frowning: for e.g. “my cousin vinny” is advertised on the site as $4.99 purchase for HD however when i look it up in iTunes its asking me for $10.99 for HD :frowning:

i also installed MovieOfTheDay app on my iPhone but its showing “service currently unavailable” error message.



the app plays up some times

Friday 2016-05-27 - Man On Fire (2004)

Normally $5 rent, $11 buy. Today $5 to buy.


Saturday 2016-05-28 - Another Earth (2011)

Normally $5 rent, $11 buy. Today $4 to buy.


Good one today.

Monday 2016-06-06 - Idiocracy (2006)

Normally $5 rent, $11 buy, Today $4 to buy.


Today: Fight Club. $4.99 to buy.


Looks like someone can’t obey the first rule.


perhaps you should enlighten me as I don’t know what that is


It’s from the movie - the first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about the fight club. :wink:


I thought the comment was a reference to AppleTalk site rules


< sad trombone >


Thanks for the tip! Secret confession, I’ve never seen Fight Club so added it to my collection. Feel free to keep posting, I for one will keep following.