Did your Siri voice change?


I woke up this morning and asked Siri on my HomePod to read me the news and give me the weather and it’s a totally different voice.

Younger, chirpier. Out with the old girl in with the new hey?


Not on my 8.


It’s HomePod only for now apparently


:joy: I find this bizarre. That they spend the time/resources in changing the voice when Siri is still consistently at the back of the pack for Smart Assistants…


That’s technically true, but in Siri’s defence it’s done everything I’ve asked of it since Siri shortcuts launched from news, weather, music, reminders and multiple timers to controlling my lights and air conditioning, adding items to my shopping list and telling me how much I have left in certain budget categories.

I can only speak for myself of course, but with a HomePod and Siri I find it an incredibly useful virtual assistant :man_shrugging:


Fair enough too. I’ve jumped into the Google home side of things after becoming more and more frustrated with early iterations of Siri.

Even with the few shortcuts I’ve setup on my phone, I have more misses than hits, unfortunately. I’d love to own a HomePod but until Siri gets light years better, it’s just another expensive speaker (and my mrs would kill me if I bought another speaker home :joy:).

That being said, different platforms aside, how cool is it to control your house with your voice and thanks to things like HomeAssistant I can integrate nearly everything with HomeKit to use on all my iOS stuff. :+1:t2:


Yeah maybe I’m talking hyperbole but it’s pretty life changing! Some things I love:

  • Being able to redirect music to another area of the house, or play everywhere all at once
  • Turning on my air conditioning as I leave work, so the house is cool by the time I get home
  • Telling the assistant it’s movie time and having it turn off all the lights and have the Apple TV ready and waiting
  • Being able to have the lights come on based on the sunset, and only if somebody is home

My mother really loves being able to control her lights when she’s visiting me, it makes her feel more secure in that any potential burglar will think somebody is at home.

Things I want to accomplish this year is to add a door lock so I can let people in without having to leave a key hidden somewhere, and I also want to get fan controller because I find I’m hot when I go to bed, but wake up cold in the middle of the night (it’d be good to schedule it to turn off, or even better be tied to temperature in the room).


If they change how she sounds, can they also change how bloody smart she is, becuase right now she’s dumb as dog shit. There’s a reason I have 5 google homes in my house and I don’t have a Homepod.


Ok I think her voice has been updated for watchOS. On my series 3 she sounds much more natural now


I think you mean “It”. Siri is a robot / computer. Not a woman. My Siri imitates a male voice (to help me try to change my subconscious biases).

I agree Siri is frustrating at times, btw. :slight_smile:


Looks at this myself as Siri’s accuracy when asked to do things is just shocking.


Agreed. I have trouble getting her to do the most basic of tasks, let alone anything related to home control. I guess I’m just going to have to wait (and wait and wait) for Siri to come fruition. Until then, I make do with Google Home routed through Home Assitant to get all my stuff to play nicely together.

I can’t even get her to send a text properly from CarPlay, let alone function as a viable voice assistant for my home…