Do you use all the features of IOS on the iPhone or iPad?


I have found that some of the more recent features of IOS do not appear to be widely used. For example:

  • 3DTouch
  • Siri
  • Siri Suggestions
  • Dictation
  • Third party keyboards
  • AirDrop
  • Handoff
  • Nightshift
  • Wallet
  • ApplePay
  • TV
  • Widgets
  • GameCentre

Many AppleTalk members may use more than most. However, others, even their own families, may not even know of these features, let alone make use of them.

I use Nightshift and ApplePay. I infrequently use Handoff and Siri. The rest, not so much. I have turnd Siri off on some older friend’s iPhones as they keep triggering it via the Home button by mistake.

Have we reached the point where most of the new features are just more clutter?

Are their marginal benefits outweighed by their contribution to increased clutter and user interface complexity?


3DTouch - Yes, Limited.
AirDrop - Yes, to send stuff to my wife and occasionally other people. More often to send photos to my own MBP because I couldn’t be arsed finding a cable to transfer a single photo.
Nightshift - Yep, turned it on and forgot about it.
Wallet - Does the Woolworths loyalty card that I can use through this count?? Yes.
ApplePay - Rarely because CBA doesn’t allow it and my “other bank” doesn’t have any money in it (and I’m lazy and transferring is hard vs just tapping my CBA card on the reader).

Siri - tried it a few times, never really used it because it fails far more often than it worked. (My Google home is great though :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Siri Suggestions - Never heard of it.
Dictation - Nope.
Third party keyboards - Never.
Handoff - Maybe, very very rarely.
Widgets - I think I set one up once… maybe?
GameCentre - If I could just disable this completely without other nags I would… It’s logged in so it doesn’t bother me but I’ve never looked at it.
TV - Never.


Handoff, Nightshift, Wallet/Apple Pay and Game Centre. Nothing of the rest from your list. I dont actively use them, they are set and I forget them. Oh… except Apple Pay I guess, I use that from my Watch a lot.


Betteridge’s Law of Headlines.


3DTouch - Use multiple times daily
Siri - Use multiple times daily
Siri Suggestions - Never use
Dictation - - Use multiple times daily
Third party keyboards - Use Swiftkey as my main keyboard
AirDrop - Use a lot, maybe a couple times a week
Handoff - It just happens, it’s not something I actively "use"
Nightshift - Every night
Wallet - Every time I go the movies or on a flight
ApplePay - Use multiple times daily
TV - Never use
Widgets - - Use multiple times daily
GameCentre - Never use

Not sure where you’re getting your data from.


3DTouch - no devices that support it, so never.
Siri - regularly, mainly for timers.
Siri Suggestions - never
Dictation - never
Third party keyboards - never
AirDrop - never
Handoff - never
Nightshift - switched on
Wallet - regularly, have Woolworths rewards card in it.
ApplePay - multiple times a day
TV - never
Widgets - regularly, mainly torch
GameCentre - never


3DTouch - Daily because I use YNAB
Siri - Daily. Never give up, never surrender
Siri Suggestions - Never
Dictation - Periodically, a few times a year
Third party keyboards - Nah, gave up on them. They’re too slow.
AirDrop - I honest to god try to but every time I go to use it I have to ask the other person if they have AirDrop on. It’s inconsistent between phones.
Handoff - Yep all the time
Nightshift - Yep love it. Also love True Tone.
Wallet - All the time. Woolies, FlyBuys, EB, Dan Murphys…
ApplePay - My default way to pay. A lot harder with FaceID though I must say.
TV - :heart:️ I run a US iTunes account as default on my Apple TV and I have a friend’s Direct TV login. It’s so darn good if you have both, but I get that it’s next to useless if you don’t.
Widgets - Yeah, but I really only use splitwise and nextthere frequently
GameCentre - Nope. Why does this exist? I used to use it when I played simcity buildit

We should probably add augmented reality to your list given the iPhone X, which is a solid no and who cares from me. That tamagotchi clone with the small dragon looks interesting though.


3DTouch: Disabled, I never used it
Siri: Infrequently when out and about. Works better than keyboard when a passenger in a car
Siri Suggestions: Never
Dictation: Very infrequently
Third party keyboards: Never
AirDrop: Twice
Handoff: Very infrequently
Nightshift: Configured. Useful
Wallet: When travelling for boarding passes
ApplePay: Frequently
TV: Never
Widgets: Infrequently
GameCentre: Never


Answered your own question right there. Its needed for some games if you dont want to use facebook to game with others. And I dont. Thats why I use it. For me, its Megapolis.


3DTouch:minimally, find it inconsistent and difficult to use
Siri: Very rarley, it is far too bad at voice recognition to be useful to me.
Siri Suggestions: Occassionally
Dictation: Never (see above comments re voice recognition)
Third party keyboards: Sometimes
AirDrop: Never
Handoff: Never
Nightshift: Configured. Never
Wallet: Never
ApplePay: Never
TV: Never
Widgets: Infrequently
GameCentre: Only when I can’t avoid it

I guess looking at this I’m not as wedded to Apple as I thought!


3DTouch - For some things it is necessary, so yes.
Siri - I’ve used it on my Apple Watch to do things like start an activity, which has saved me a lot of annoying navigation. I wasn’t expecting it to work well, but when it does, it’s great.
Siri Suggestions - Not sure what that is!
Dictation - Quite a bit when replying to messages on my phone. Typing is more of a PITA now, though correcting mistakes is almost as bad.
Third party keyboards - I used Text Expander when moderating a forum, but don’t use it now.
AirDrop - Often for photos.
Handoff - Quite a bit for web sites I’ve opened on one device and want to view on another.
Nightshift - Yes. I was using a 3rd party app before. I find it very helpful in the evening.
Wallet - In Japan we can put bus/train cards into our phones now, so I use it. It also has my CC for…
ApplePay - which is “Quikpay” here. It only showed up because of all the RFID train/bus/loyalty cards that exist here. I have never seen another person use it here, out in the sticks. Much less hassle than remembering if I have charged my bus/train card as the balance shows in Wallet and I can charge it using an app.
TV - No.
Widgets - I’ve tried using them, but today the Weather kept showing the wrong location and other stuff to be actually useful really requires opening up the associated app, so i think they are quite poor.
GameCentre - I have one single game which I play on multiple devices and want to save my progress.


3DTouch - not in either of my iOS devices. IMHO its pointless, long touch should be enabled to achieve the same things.
Siri - Waste of time
Siri Suggestions - Nope
Dictation - Nope (I do use it on my watch though)
Third party keyboards - Nope
AirDrop - Yes
Handoff - Rarely ever works so no
Nightshift - Yes
Wallet - Only for ApplePay
ApplePay - Yes
TV - Yes
Widgets - Yes
GameCentre - Occasionally


I use none of the above.


Been using iOS Screen Recording feature recently, love it. Have added it to Control Centre.

Have NOT been able to get Handoff working. Wanted to copy text from iPhone to Macbook.