Electric scooters for commuting


Contemplating getting an electric scooter as a more environmentally friendly way to commute into the city.

Anyone tried this?


Electric scooters have tiny wheels that don’t handle our rough roads at all well. IMO an electric assisted bicycle is a much better idea.


It may be dependent on suburb. With going from Port Melbourne to the city, you can do bicycle paths the whole way.


I work with a guy who bought this recently to do exactly this:


He loves it. They are Sydney-based.


I’d look into the legalities of riding electric scooters on footpaths before deciding to buy anything. IIRC, they’re illegal on public footpaths everywhere but QLD.


They are legal in Victoria provided the power output doesn’t exceed 200W. The one I am looking at is 300W but I have seen high power electric scooters regularly in the city. The one I am looking at looks more like a normal scooter than an electric one.



That’s quite different to what I thought you were looking for!

Even with the ride on scooters, apparently if the power is limited you don’t need a bike license - but they don’t go very fast. So strictly for short distance commuting.


I think the power limitation on ride on scooters in confined to queensland and nsw. I.e. you don’t need a bike license for 50cc scooters. Victoria you still need one. For riding on the pavement, power has to be confined to 200W and if it is over 300W, it has to have full lights, number plate etc like a motorbike.

Unfortunately, Vic laws haven’t been adjusted for the way the market is going. They couldn’t even get segways legalised in Vic.


The scooter pictured would be legal in Victoria provided that the power doesn’t exceed 200 watts and the maximim speed doesn’t exceed 15.5 mph (25 kph), it needs to meet both criteria not just the power one and you’ll need to wear a helmet to be legal.


That Fonzarelli looks quite interesting. I would imagine doesn’t take long to charge in comparison to a car battery either. Much better match with current technology limits.
Although $5490 to $6990 is very expensive for a moped.
That said I imagine silent cruising (red colour of course) along a promenade with a babe hanging on behind would be pretty cool.

If I was still young I mean.


I agree. My only reason for not considering a scooter of this type is staying off the roads. I’ve ridden bikes for ages, but the ability to go on the bicycle paths has some benefits of keeping you out of the way of idiotic drivers. We have off road bicycle paths all the way from Port Melbourne to the city.


Because I am not still young, and because I cant afford to keep my car for many more years, I’m looking at the Mobility Scooter ranges. Found one recently which doesnt cost arms and legs, and looks pretty cute as well, not like most of the seriously unbalanced looking stuff currently on the market. Its called OzRider, built in Qld, and I can only see them for sale on ebay. [edit] damn looks like the ad for the 3 wheeler is gone. Baxk to the King Cobra drawing board (KC has USB ports and lots of other useful features)

I love that Fonzarelli! I’d probably line up for one if my balance was any good. Sadly its not, anymore. I even still have a motorbike licence, not that I can use it.

Back to the topic: I saw a guy just the other day scooting along at speed on a stand up scooter with an electric motor on its rear wheel and a seat on a longish pole attached to the desk. It was a strange looking beast, but it was hurtling along. I hoped he would not fall off, because he wasnt wearing protectie gear.


You’ve got to admit that this is awesome: