Email disappears while I'm reading it


Since upgrading to El Capitan an email message sometimes disappears while I’m reading it. I can click on it in the message list and open it again but can anyone tell me why is it happening?

I’m reading them on a laptop, not a phone.


I have the same thing happen to me, I think. I’m in Classic view; the top half of the screen shows the Inbox in a list view; the bottom half or thereabouts shows the email selected; but at some times, while I’m reading it, the bottom half will go blank. It MAY be when another email comes into the Inbox, but I’m not sure. To read it, I double click on the selected email, and read it in the full screen view.
If this is what’s happening to you, I fear it may be a feature, not a problem, though I’m happy to be proved wrong.



Thanks, Alex. El Capitan has far too many ‘features’ compared to earlier OS’s. It’s saving me from the bother of using earlier, more useful programs which are now obsolete.

Have you gone to the Apple Store and installed the updated ‘Pages’ and ‘Numbers’? Apparently it can’t be done via the on-line app store. If so, are they an improvement on 5.6.2 which I don’t have the time to re-learn thoroughly. (I’d really like ClarisWorks back!)

I want a simple ledger sheet and a straightforward word- processing program. Text edit would be fine if the margins were manageable.

Glad I’m not the only person with the vanishing emails. Fortunately they can be retrieved. Jen


I originally bought the set of iWork (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote), so I’ve just done updates since that time. I now have Pages 5.6.2, Numbers 3.6.2, and Keynote 6.6.2.
I use Pages less and less, though .doc files open in that. I don’t need the formatting ability of Pages for my documents any more, and I use TextEdit several times a day instead.
I still use Numbers daily, though I don’t need anything really fancy with that.
Keynote only opens when someone sends me a .pps file.
For what I want, I wouldn’t call any of those three an improvement on the earlier versions. There is also a newer version of each out, but my computer is too old for Sierra, so it’s too old for the newer versions. (That doesn’t stop it from reminding me that I should update them, though!)



Thanks Alex…I agree, definitely not an improvement, for my purposes anyway. I won’t bother with the upgrade. I’d forlornly hoped that it had suddenly become occasional-user friendly. The time investment in learning it would far outweigh any benefit gained. Jen