eSIM support from Australian telcos


That’s disappointing, is that for sure? The only reason I’d consider an Xs over my current X is for the eSim so I can have one phone but two numbers, my home and work ones.

Australian iPhone XS/XS Max/XR Pricing

Carriers have not announced any support here and the feature will not be available on launch day eSim support will be added in a future software update.


There were no Australian carriers’ logos on the eSim compatibility slide in the keynote unfortunately. I’m sure support will come in due course though.


But the big 3 were all there on the LTE Watch side now (Telstra, Optus, Voda) which actually uses eSIM to work, so they are clearly adding the infrastructure - the question is will they choose to let you convert or sign up to a plan with an eSIM for phone. I doubt it personally, as it actually works against them to let you have a local SIM when overseas. (This really annoys me, btw.)

Time for Apple to launch an eSIM only model in Australia down the track which will force them to allow it - then they could release a dual eSIM model. It’s inevitable eventually.


Hope so! Thanks all!


I was thinking about this, and thought that if there was some way you could provide your IMEI to your telco for them to provision in their back-end then you could theoretically provide your iPhone’s eSIM IMEI and they’d be none the wiser.

Upon further investigation, it doesn’t quite work like that; there appears to be some auto-provisioning magic that happens when you pair a cellular Apple Watch to an iPhone, which in Telstra’s case is a prompt that asks you whether you want to sign up for an additional $5/month plan that adds nothing to your plan’s allowances, but consumes them all the same. All seems like a bit of a rort, really.

Anyway, that’s basically how I ended up wondering if I want to tie my Apple Watch to my current mobile number for an extra $5/month this fine Thursday evening.

Anyone else do it and have some experiences to share?


I have this with my watch. Initially signed up when Telstra was offering a free trial, thinking it would be more of a gimmick than anything else. After 12 months use I’d never NOT activate the One Number feature. Well worth $5.

I usually take my phone when I leave the house, but at home it usually sits on a charger. If you are in the yard, the other end of the house, forgot to take it when you go out, put it in your bag etc: with the watch no more missed phone calls. The only drawback, in public i still feel like a bit of nerd talking to my wrist


It’s about time telcos did away with physical SIMS. Virtual SIMs or eSIMS should have been the norm by now. To not be able to connect to any worldwide telco from your computer or mobile device is ridiculous.


Back in the olden days of analog mobile phones there was never a SIM card and I thought that was one of the benefits of going digital, just swap a SIM and away you go. It means phones themselves are no longer tied to a carrier and you could just swap in SIM cards as and when needed. Handy if you travel or if you just want to use a pre-paid SIM for a while.

I suppose most people don’t need the functionality very often (or at all), but it’s a feature I know I have used on more than one occasion.


Same deal with CDMA during its fairly short lifespan here, and having a phone account linked to an ESN was an utter pain in the arse from a repair perspective.
“We decided to swap the board in your phone over. Call your carrier and quote this ESN to get it swapped.
Oh, it’s still showing as in use? Come back in and we’ll swap it again, until we find one that’s been correctly unregistered - oh, sorry, no the carriers won’t tell us whether the ESNs we have here can be used or not”