Eurovison 2017


Well Eurovision this year isn’t as exciting. Not as mayny good songs, but still enjoying it. Not a fan of the Australian song, nowhere close to Guy or Dami IMHO. Good voice (apart FROM a major stuff up in SF1) but boring song and staging.


Eurovision is all about the spectacle and theatre - the public are not interested in some soppy feel good song sung by a young Australian, that’s not what they’re there to see!


His song is not Eurovision at all unfortunately!

Currently watching the final live :smiley:


I have to say this year’s hosts are shocking. Mans and Petra were so much better last year. Really miss Sam and Julia’s commentary as well :frowning:


And Australia still isnt part of Europe. AFAIAC its a crock that we are even there.


You don’t need to be part of Europe to be in Eurovision, it is based on our EBU associate membership, our significant association with Eurovision over the years and significant percentage of Australians who have European heritage. As a big Eurovision fan, I absolutely love that I can barrack for my own country, watch live and vote, so I hope our involvement continues.


Yeah yeah I get the rationale. But thats all it is. Rationalisation. I’m with those countries who object to our involvement.


I honestly don’t get the problem - There are perfectly good reasons why we are there. Most Eurovision fans do not have a problem with us being in the competition. We almost won the damn thing last year, I think 4th place in tele-voting would say that they don’t mind our involvement.
I’m not trying to be rude, but I don’t get the objection from Australians who don’t watch the show, us being there has next to no impact on people who don’t watch. Most Eurovision fans have no issue with us being on the show. Lets just remember that Israel has been in the competition for years and so was Morocco.


I was very disappoint with this years coverage. Who were the presenters? They didn’t even show their faces! For all I know they were probably sitting in a commentary box in a studio in SBS’s Sydney headquarters rather than being on site!

There was no behind-the-scenes interviews etc, and there were no Tweets like normal.

Bring back Julia and Sam for next year!

I give SBS 0 out of 10 for this years coverage.


It was great back when Terry Wogan (RIP) was commentating and it was one night a year. Now it has just got too big here in Australia what with the lead up, and the semi finals, and the in your face advertising, and the Aussies commentating piss me off.


I felt the same way, it was Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasy, who come NOWHERE near close to Julia and Sam, though I started warming a bit towards the end. I’m rewatching the final tonight and the commentary will be different so hopefully that translates to better.

Did you watch it live though? The live versions usually has no interviews and less comments than the telecast 7.30 version.


It’s just got more like what it is in Europe though. I like how they do it cause if you only like the final you can watch that as before but if you like the whole thing you can do that as well, though I guess the social media coverage might get annoying.


Totally agree, Wogan was brilliant.


Here’s hoping the piss-poor reception AUS got from the public vote means we don’t get invited back. Two points! :joy:

Montenegro will forever be #1 in our hearts.


I dearly hope not. Eurovision kinda sucked when the surprise of who won was ruined every single year.


In what way would it affect the broadcast? There’s no reason why the show couldn’t be screened live just because we don’t have a competitor.


We only get the live broadcast because Australia votes - 2015 was the first year of live coverage. As far as I am aware, no competitor means no votes and no votes means no live coverage.

I also enjoy being able to barrack behind an Australian, though this year not so much,


I don’t think so.

As far as I’m aware, It was only broadcast live here for the first time in 2015as it was the first year that they actually needed to.


I guess it could be either way. I’d be disappointed if we lost the vote as well, its a bit of fun perhaps for those who don’t like our participation, its a great snack break :smiley:

Montenegro was some true Eurovision in every single way.

Changing the topic, who had fvaoutes this year?

Mine are:

Italy, Bulgaria, Australia (Grew on me a million percent over the last 2 days), Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Germany, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Moldova (WOO Sunstroke Project), Macedonia and Sweden.

Austria, Belarus, France, UK, Norway and Greece are all growing on me as well.


Was that the trio with the saxophonist? Whoever they were, I thought they were excellent :slight_smile: