Everyone needs a little more Woz in their life:


Benj Edwards has released a new podcast “The Culture of Tech”, and in Episode-1, the guest is Woz. For more information and subscription link, go to


I might be in the minority here, but, I appreciate Woz for being the ‘brains’ behind Apple in the early days, but I just don’t get this cult following that has sprung up around him.


The more I learn about Woz, the more amazing I think he is… But yes - he is no more God-worthy than Steve. Without each other, Apple would never have been. No matter how intelligent Woz may be, without Jobs selling the product - no Apple. Without Woz creating the product, well - Jobs would have been selling something else, I expect… but it wouldn’t be Apple.


He reminds me of an edgy teen who goes around calling people ‘iSheep’. He’s never really grown up but are we surprised.