Everything TAM


Wow - I’m glad they are finally appreciating! :slight_smile:

I’m not selling mine either! Thankfully I have a dedicated work space I can store it in! :smiley:


Another 1 or 2 TAMs on eBay lately… again around US$3k… Interesting to see how this price stands…


20 years ago today I took possession of my 20th Anniversary Macintosh. :slight_smile: Ahh the memories.


I’m not advocating this purchase… But - a TAM for sale in Australia!

Described by seller as “never used”. Asking $5k.

At the same time around the globe… (in AU$)
US - Asking $1,690
US - Asking $1,892
UK - Asking $3,400
France - Asking $4,100

Recently Sold TAMs:
US - $1,859
Netherlands - $2,761

Based on those figures, I think $5k for an un-used TAM, in Australia, is only mildly over-priced. The AU part does affect the price, because although we’re in a global economy, it’s still not easy to import these machines. Often sellers put huge overseas prices on freight just to discourage o/s buyers. And being “unused” certainly affects the price. Hard to prove… And sold without any warranty - “As it’s un-used can’t confirm if it works” kind of deal… If I knew what disposable income was, I’d throw $3k at it… see if it stuck. :slight_smile:


I wonder if the box has been opened? If not, how do you prove it’s a TAM without devaluing it…? :thinking: #PandorasTAM


Schrödinger’s TAM… :slight_smile:

The seller included pictures of the TAM in its plastic, so - opened box.

The VRAM battery may be an issue - could have leaked after all this time… The Remote’s batteries I assume were plastic-wrapped, so at least they wont have done any damage (probably).

It really would be tempting as I said - if I had a few grand to throw away. :slight_smile: Whilst the Apple I may now sell for $150,000… I don’t see the TAM reaching that status when it reaches a similar age. It took a long time just to reach the $2k mark again (ie the firesale price).


Yeh… I paid $1500 around 10 years ago for mine. Have never even tried to power it on (too busy at the time, then it kind of just because an ‘object’… :man_shrugging:


There’s a “MINT Twentieth (20th) Anniversary Macintosh TAM Computer” listed at the moment for AU$6,999! Apparently in Melbourne.

(Wasn’t looking for those, I’ve been scratching my NeXT itch again).


Good spotting @zbaron.
Certainly when you look at the keyboard - it appears to be in very good condition, suggesting the “never used” claim could be valid.
That said - as per above - I think the price is excessive.

PS - @Jaysee - Start your TAM! :slight_smile:


One was sold in Japan from the same store I bought my 3,1 for like $2000.