Exchange issues with iCal


Anyone else having exchange issues with iCal. I have been having massive problems with meeting times being incorrect (still showing daylight savings issues but only on some invites).

I’ve deleted my exchange calendar from iCal and re-enabled it but it’s still showing incorrectly despite being correct in Outlook and Office 365.


No issues with mine, 365 hosted in Australia East.


If only Apple would allow you to select different default apps for mail and calendar (and even contacts) on iOS We could get away from many of these niggles. I mean why do I need to subscribe to my calendars in Apples calendar just to make them work on my Watch.


All that said, my O365 calendar is working as it should right now.


Yep, been having issues with external invites not making their way to me. Been an issue for almost a week.


Which Exchange Online plan are you guys on?


Business Premium, however it shouldn’t matter as ICS is supported on all plans provided the end client can handle it.

In my case I note that the invites aren’t appearing at all (OWA or OLv16), leading me to think it’s an external issue and nothing at my end.


I agree it shouldn’t matter but it’s handy to know. I’m using Exchange Online Plan 2 with no issues.


Office 365 on our side, one or two meetings seem to be showing as an hour later than they actually are. They show correctly in outlook but wrong in iCal.


O365 E5 I think, although these days I’m just a user so don’t know the ins and outs of how it’s all put together.