FCP - "Wheel Spin" effect?



For a while now I’ve been thinking of making a video called “Wheel of Scream” to go on my YouTube channel - picture a fast spinning “wheel” of video clips (with “Wheel of Fortune” type sound when its spinning) featuring some of the Doctor Who’s greatest screams, with the wheel slowly coming to a halt, and the “winning” video then playing in full.

The main inspiration for this idea was the great Stephen Thorne, who played (amongst others) Omega back in 1973, and had a soul-wrenching scream when discovering there was in fact nothing left of his body - just by his will was he still alive.

Stephen has just recently passed, and so I’d really like to pull this video together…

As a proof of concept, I’ve just “quickly” put this together:

[No - these aren’t the scream tracks… Omega/Thorne is the cool dude with the funky mask.]

The issue is I’d like it to have a curved appearance - so the left, and right edges should curve away from the screen slightly.

Anyone have any thoughts?

(It’s kind of like the 3d “Cube Spin” transition… except not as cube-y - more curvy)

My poison is Final Cut Pro 7… (Yes, I know it’s old.)

I’m hoping there may possibly be a plugin someone may now about… But if need be I’ll just do it all manually.





Finally got some feedback from the Creative Cow guys (other than - that software’s dead!) - seems not terribly likely I’ll find a plug-in to do the job for me… and adding a 3D curved appearance to the images is looking too complicated to be worthwhile… so instead I’m going to settle for the less complicated, original idea of a “Wheel of Fortune” style look.

(Obviously with more, and narrower pieces of “pie”… DW title sequence background… and panning the audio to match the spin…)
(And on a side-note - I just learned about anchors… :slight_smile: )



A new question…

I have my “pie” above… and have made it spin… but now I need it to slow down, and stop.

I’d like it to be a relatively “realistic” degradation of speed.

I’m sure Yr11-Physics-Student-Me would have a feasible answer for this… (reversal of Fibonacci numbers?) But this version of me is scratching his head.

Any physics / math gurus out there? :slight_smile:

(I’m thinking - something like # of rotations per second… starting point is 1 full rotation in 1 second… I then dropped it to 1/2 rotation in 1 second, but it’s a very obvious degrade, and I’ll bet there’s some actual logic that could be applied…)