Firefox - Forced update?



The other day Firefox updated on my computer… and my completely unrelated work computer… and my MacBookPro that we just use for Netflix…

(New version was very noticeable due to its black/dark grey window title-bar default setting…)

Thing is - the default settings for my brain to tell all my software is - DO NOT auto-updated… and particularly the update at work baffled me as nothing ever gets updated there…

Did Firefox pull some tricky dicky and force everyone to update their version??

Incidentally - not real thrilled with the new look…




I’m pretty sure Firefox did this along time ago following Google Chrome, Essentially they wanted to be updated all the time constantly. I’m pretty sure Firefox is been switched over to that model for least a year maybe two.

Their plan was quite a while ago to switch to a rapid build deployment process similar to what Chrome uses, I think new builds of Chrome deploy to users fortnightly. In the background with no user intervention. I have no idea what frequency Firefox chose.

Even bigger issue with this build is it no longer supports legacy plug-ins add-ons. However the developers of these add-ons were given ample notification of the changes.


I don’t know about much else, but the appearance of the interface is ugly IMO - but looking at High Sierra - I guess it’s in place with that…

Not happy about an auto-update! I want to drag my feet like a troglodyte…


You can most definitely block updates to Chrome, the SOE on my work machine was built in 2015 with version 44.x (which was out of date by the time they deployed it) and hasn’t been updated since.

On a side note, I asked for a zip tool this week at work so I could add a password to zip files. IT wrote back saying they recommend and will provision Niko Mak WinZip… V8.1… Which was released in 2001, hell Niko Mak sold WinZip to Corel in 2006.

I’m sort of hoping that was a typo and they won’t be provisioning 16 year old software… I suppose I will find out soon enough.


Yes you can but it’s not the default configuration and I’m pretty sure it something that you need to do in advanced browser settings. Both Chrome and Firefox have a way to get to those settings and it’s different for both so google it.

Unless you were to choose to block updates another way for example DNS OR Because @The_Hawk you’re talking about windows probably done by your IT department using Windows Group Policy Settings.


I just updated Firefox, god what an ugly UI!! However, here’s something I find hilarious… First popup on FF after the update. On the site I downloaded it from.


Given most malware abuses browser bugs, you most definitely don’t want to switch off browser auto-updates.