Firefox has taken over my scanner operation, I think?


Yesterday I scanned a couple of documents, using my MacBook pro and Epson scanner, and when I clicked the files on the desktop to open them they opened in Firefox webpage windows, not the usual Preview window.

I quit FF and reopened them. They again launched FF and opened in a FF window.

Even going off-line didn’t get rid of the FF webpage view. I rescanned them while off-line and they opened, as usual, in a Preview window.

When I tried to email them the email wouldn’t leave the Outbox. I shut down the computer and am on-line this morning using my old MacBook. I haven’t tried to go on-line with the MacBook Pro as I want to be sure it’s not been compromised somehow.

Now I can’t choose a category for this post when I click “choose a category” an empty box comes up, with no options. I closed FF and opened Safari where I have been able to choose a category.

Can anyone shed any light on any of this, please?


I’d start by going to the scanned files on the Desktop, and doing the Apple-I to get information on the files. Make sure they are set to open with Preview, not Firefox. You might also want to tell the computer to open all similar files with Preview.


Thank you AEM. I’ll fire it up and try that. You don’t think anything nasty could have happened do you? It’s the first time such a thing has happened.

I’ve actually deleted them and I believe I emptied the trash so will have to wait til next time it happens. I’ll report back. Thanks again.


Yep! trash emptied, but I know how to fix it now if it happens again, thanks.


Firefox will have just registered as the PDF viewer. (Get info, change to Preview, change all should fix it.)


Thank you, Jaysee…didn’t realize that was possible. (It’s a really big world out there!)