Foldable technology


I am feeling zero FOMO. I’m excited for new tech, time will tell what the public wants/needs.


Huawei is super expensive though, likely at least a grand more than the Fold


Wow… how have I never heard of FOMO before… :slight_smile:


Rather than a foldable screen why wasn’t the next evolution a dual screen flip device? If the bezels were minimal you could effectively have a larger screen but in 2 pieces. Perhaps not ideal but there are many places that display a single video across say 9 or 16 screens.


Back in the day I made a mock-up of a dual screen hinged 3GS. In those days, we still had plenty of flip out phones, so seemed reasonable. These days… maybe not so much.

I think when talking of multiple displays showing 1 image… the key is distance from the display… closer being badder.


A ‘dual monitors’ approach to a phone doesn’t appeal to me personally


Bigger screens are nice and all but when these are slightly smaller than an iPad mini and an odd shape I’m starting to wonder what the benefits really are vs the size, weight and complexity of these devices.

I have always been a fan of docking stations and have said many times over the years that it would be great if your phone could plug into your computer and be your user folder and allow for a portable experience. These days phones are more than powerful enough to actually BE the whole computer for many (most?) people now making the solution even simpler.

To that end I love the concept of Samsung DEX. A docking station which allows your phone to use a larger screen, keyboard and mouse. I do think many apps would likely need to be tweaked to take full advantage of the larger screen and input devices.

With Apple working on Marzipan there is some potential that iOS apps start getting more focused on working on larger screens with different input devices. Coupled with the rumoured Apple CPUs replacing Intel chips one day then in my mind that opens the potential for iOS to become the desktop and things like DEX to be the solution.
With this type of approach the lower power user simply uses their phone on a cheap (in Apple terms anyway) dock and a power user buys a far more expensive unit that comes with extra CPU’s (and maybe other resources too) that can be used to increase the processing power of the phone.

Sure it’s a giant dream, but something I see as a better approach than a folding phablet.


I’m not sure how well Apple’s docking systems sold in the past… and they probably aren’t really all that comparable these days… But I don’t see them going for it.



I think it has a future if implemented properl


If I recall correctly, this was basis for the Ubuntu phone (I am not even sure if the project led to models being available.

There is this (privacy focused with a dock) phone on pre-orfer

also links back to this thread on using linux in place of OS X


If/when the tech becomes cheap enough… I’m sure we’ll be seeing all kinds of uses.

Pull your wallet out - it’s outside is a foldable screen.

Handbags - One bag could fit every dress because you could just tell it what colour/s textures to display.


I agree. The current implementations are limited, and I think that we’ll really need to wait and see what works and what doesn’t.