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Microsoft have released a preview of Office 2016 for Mac. Early word is that this is a big update that brings the Mac version close to feature parity with the Windows version. If you’ve had a chance to dig in and play around, let us know in the forums. HBO are getting ready to launch their streaming service HBO Now,…

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I hope HBO launch here. I’ve got it via a US contact and it’s one of those services you’d subscribe to during peak season (Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley) and the cancel during the off season. For that reason, I’d be happy to pay a bit more for the months I do have it.

I suspect that having a Netflix AU account will mean that you get the Australian selection when you’re “in” Australia, and the US selection when you’re “in” the US. Between that and HBO Now, I think VPN/DNS redirect usage is going to boom.

I love that about getflix - being able to access all the Netflix regions. It’s as simple as clicking a button and reloading Netflix.

I’m eagerly awaiting the pricing for the tiers with Netflix AU. Right now I’m grandfathered on the 2nd tier US Netflix at $US7.99 a month which gives me 2 simultaneous devices plus HD, so I’m hoping it’ll be the same or near the same in $AU.

Looking forward to all the Australian content too!

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Office preview seems good so far. Visual refresh is a welcome change. Outlook seems to support Exchange 2010 now which the Office 365 version didn’t (only supported O365 and Exchange 2013), so it’s finally useful to me and my 5 different Exchange mailboxes :smile:

Only problem so far is it is using a lot of power, my 2011 MBA is struggling not to overheat when running Outlook 2016. It can only get better though.

Outlook was running my MBA pretty hard for a while but it settled down - must be just the initial download of email. Much improved from the first beta I tried a few months back. I’m going to try it as my daily driver for a bit.

I think I will need to download and evaluate too.

These are the Outlook settings I’ve found that work for Gmail/Google Apps in terms of maintaining its normal behaviour (i.e archiving email rather than deleting).

It also doesn’t require authentication by default for sending email, which I only discovered after several emails stacked up in my outbox.

Aaaaand since reading this I’ve basically done nothing but play Alto’s Adventure.

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