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Now that Apple’s paying artists during the three-month trial of Apple Music, The New York Times has revealed Apple will be paying 0.2 cents for each song streamed. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s a figure similar to what Spotify pays out when songs are accessed via its free streaming tier, as reported by MacRumors, and doesn’t include…

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The fuss about the Confederate flag is because the flag celebrates a time and a cause built around slavery. The only purpose to fly the flag is as a statement supporting racism.

This is true, but I can’t believe they’ve sidelined the much needed gun control debate to talk about that flag. It just goes to show how engrained the gun culture is over there. Nine people shot down by a looney QUICK LET’S CHANGE THAT RACIST FLAG THAT’S BEEN FLYING THERE FOR OVER A CENTURY AND NOBODY BALKED AT!

I’m glad Taylor Swift put her money where her mouth was! I don’t know why I’m so excited by this service. I never paid for Spotify but there’s just something about having on app handle all my music that makes this appealing. Full Siri integration too!

You’re right that gun culture is engrained in the US consciousness. Frankly, the NRA has won the war against gun control. They own the Congress on this issue. If Sandy Hook didn’t move the debate - and it didn’t - then another 9 gunned down in a black church isn’t going to change anything either.

We lived in the US from 1991 to 2003. IT professionals I worked with everyday were gun nuts, and when there was a push towards registration of firearms, my colleagues were all out buying even more guns “so that I have a few more guns that the government won’t know about.”

That’s why the conversation over the latest shooting has focused on the symbols of racism that they can do something about, because further attempts at gun control are a hopeless cause.

Same here (even the exact same timeframe - odd!). I had roommates who did things like buying shotguns with extended magazines just before they were made illegal. IMO it’s an artifact of the American obsession with personal freedom - the same thing that causes people to rail passionately against things like seat belts and motorcycle helmets.

Yeah but how does removing apps with the flag in them help the cause? Especially actual Civil War type games and apps. I mean they’re not removing WW2 games and apps just because they might have a Swastika in them are they? Seems an odd way to police things by running away from historical fact and pretending things never happened.

Tax on bullets, all funds go to paying funeral costs for victims of shootings. Make them prohibitively expensive like cigarettes.

Yeah but how does removing apps with the flag in them help the cause? Especially actual Civil War type games and apps.

I was replying to Benny’s original piece in the body of the Friday post which said “I have no idea what’s going on in the US at the moment, but there’s some controversy around displaying the Confederate Flag.”

I wasn’t commenting on why games displaying the flag should be removed, although, depending on the context, the flag in the game might also imply a similar support for slavery.

even the exact same timeframe - odd!

I am your father Luke.

Oh I know, sorry didn’t mean to imply you were, I was just making a generic comment/question.