G Suite for Company use and awesome Chrome extensions


My company has made the move to G Suite, ditching a raft of Microsoft solutions for Google equivalents - the most notable being Gmail in place of Outlook, and moving from storing files on LAN directories to GDrive (and encouraging use of Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, etc, though we will still have the MS Office apps). I’ve used MS products in an MS Windows environment for pretty much my entire working career so there will be some adjustments required.

What I’d really like is some great Chrome extensions I can install to both help ease my transition but also boost productivity and take advantage of G Suite as much as possible. Hoping y’all can share some extensions you’ve used and how you’ve benefited from them.


Personally I would recommend taking a look at Mailplane


Mailplane looks neat - wish we had it as an option in our office environment. And I don’t use Gmail personally, so have no need for it on my Mac at home.


Personally I wouldn’t trust Google in a business environment, fine for personal use (assuming you don’t mind their data mining - although they have said they don’t do this anymore but I wouldn’t trust that!) but I’d never use it in a business environment.


Yep, though we are not given the choice. Our MS Exchange has been switched off already and we’re full-swing Google. Just want this transition to be a painless as possible (I gave up using Gmail for personal use years ago for a variety of reasons … now I have to use it 8hrs x 5days a week!).


Which they have never done on their paid products.

That’s correct they no longer do this on the free Gmail product.

And to be completely honest just in case you’re not aware every company is technically reading your email.

Is that because your office environment is Windows based no Mac’s. There’s a couple of Windows solutions I’ve recommended I’ll have to go have a look and will post if I can find them.

Yeah you kinda can’t give a choice. Specially when it comes to email.

Given it sounds like your company is heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem I wonder why they didn’t go with an Office 365 Subscription.

Why are they forcing you to use the web interface? you should be able to continue on using whatever mail client in a similar manner to the way you were before.


Fair call, I guess at times we get a little anti Google due to the sheer amount of data that they collect where in reality most companies do the same - the only difference is what they keep and what they do with it, but thats a conversation for a whole new topic (tin-foil hats optional :smile:)