G4 Cube Love


Surely it would fit.
Every Cube you see for sale with a Geforce2MX is one that was pulled from a tower.
Genuine Cube shipped 2MX is extremely rare.

I have an ATI7500 installed in mine and I’m sure that that wasn’t an AGP2 card.


Ah, ok!

Just read on a forum, someone specifically stating they pulled a GeForce MX2 from a Quicksilver and popped it in their Cube… So @leon, I’d say you are indeed right.

Hey @iMic… Would be interested in one of those cards… :slight_smile:


I really should get my cube out of storage and see if I can get it working…


I just read about someone using GeForce 5200 128MB and 256MB cards in a Cube…

I have a 64MB version of those in my G5 tower. From what I was reading I think they used a PC version of the card, which they flashed for Mac…

Is there any risk to the Cube if I just plug it in and see if it works?


Apparently - it works. Going to try… just as soon as I find my T10 screwdriver.


T10 screwdriver arrived today from gamingsupplier2016 (eBay seller). It was useless - the “grip” spins around the handle, and the handle spins around the metal shaft. “Luckily” after ordering this single screwdriver, I actually ordered a set of Torxes because I need a T20 for my Chrysler’s reverse light… So just waiting now for that to arrive.

Meanwhile however I pulled the Nvidia GeForce MX 5200 (64MB) card from my G5 Dual 1.8GHz tower. Looking at it, vs pictures of cards pulled from the Cube, I can’t see how it will fit into the adapter. If it does fit, I’ll need to adapt the card’s face plate to make sure it is held firmly in place.

Looking further at the above link, I see it is referring to 5200 cards with 128MB or 256MB… I also saw a link for the 64MB version, stating it was ONLY compatible with the Dual G5’s… So - maybe I’m not on a winner here after all…

I’m going to open the Cube up and re-seat everything, hit it with the Air-In-A-Can, and try it again with the Studio Display… cross fingers it will work… If not, @iMic, I may go for that card after all. :} At this point my only plans are to use the machine for music and as a moving picture frame, so it wont need an amazing video card for that.


Still sitting on my desk at work, so no problems there. Will keep it set aside just in case.


Join the fun. :slight_smile:


Torx Set arrived!

Opened the Cube - pretty easy with the right tools!

G5 Nvidia GeForce 5200 64MB card - Definitely does not fit into the video card slot.

Ran out of Air so going to grab some shortly and then pull a few more things out and blow some air around and hope that magically fixes the ADC port on the stock card. If not, nice to know there’s one waiting for me, @iMic.

Cleaned up, re-seated RAM and video card, still no image on my Studio Display. :frowning: Cube starts up - noticeably there was no chime - seems happy enough but no image. PM coming @iMic