G4 Cube Love


I don’t think you’re ever going to turn a Cube into a HTPC. A G5 will struggle with HD video. Unless you want to part it out and put a PC inside of the case and mak a Hackintosh or something, I’d accept the cube for what it is. Given that OS X didn’t really have hardware video acceleration until 10.5 anyway… I don’t think you’ll ever have enough CPU/GPU power to do HD video decoding.

In saying that I’d start with a non-functioning Cube if I were going to make a Hackintosh.


Yeah - I’ve accepted that now. :slight_smile: And an XBox One S will always be infinitely more accepted by the kids cos - it plays games. Like, real games, dad.

I am really hoping now that the Harmon Kardon speakers will sound better than the Cube’s pro speakers that I picked up. Physically they appear in better shape. Then at least the Cube can become our home sound system…

Oh - I couldn’t kill a working Cube to make a Hack! Nor a TAM.


Well, for what its worth I had the original version of those Harmon Kardon speakers back when I had a G4 iMac… That was 15 years ago now but I remember they actually sound pretty decent form computer speakers.


I have to buy some solder, but I’ve spliced the USB cable with another one, and am now listening to Dumb Things by Paul Kelly. :slight_smile: (Very quietly so as to not wake the kids…)

As hoped - despite being the same vintage, they are providing a much more enjoyable experience than the Pro speakers - no crackling, at least at this volume. There is a hum, however I suspect that’s the splicing - will remedy ASAP - just glad to have confirmed that the speakers were worth the punt!

Frustratingly - whilst Rowmote on my iPhone does control the Cube, it does not handle iTunes. I will as such need another app / control interface for my new DukeBox. Or should that be - DukeCube.

(I was going for “artistic” but could use a vignette - plus some polishing of the speakers… and… stuff. Cube on its side til I get the USB cable sorted properly. Need room to put my 17" Studio Display up on that shelf, too. Actually - can Front Row show slideshows whilst playing music? Could work…)

Who needs to look for a new job… or write a novel… or update the household budget… or do washing or dishes… I’ve got a jellyfish speaker playing my tunes…


If they release a new Mac mini tonight, you could probably just fit the thing wholesale inside the Cube case! :joy:

Would look super cool on the desk! :thinking:


I want a cube case just for a Mac Mini or Hackintosh build inside (as I posted earlier in this thread, I think), I think the Cube looks amazing. But I’d settle for something cube shaped but in black or aluminum. Like what if there was a Cube during the Cheesegrater era, or a Cube put out with the Trashcan?

Something like this (this is a Cube G4):

Related image

Or this (actually a Mac mini):


I love the Mini Cheesegrater look! But then again I’ve always been partial to them - I may be picking up a couple of MacPro 2,1 (I think they’re that version anyway) soon - and I wonder what I’ll really do with them.


The cheese grater Cube grater looks - great. :slight_smile:


I have two Cheesegrater cases. Been siting the garage for two years… Was going to convert one into a PC case (with custom ATX plate on the back). Not sure If I will ever get to it, unfortunately.

In part the cost of the ATX plate, and having the time.




It would be cool to strip a mini down to the board, and buttons and wire it into a Cube casing. I’ve built a cube sized high power computer before. I had a Shutle PC with a 6800 GT in it. It was pretty cool to be able to just unplug it and take it with you. But with high powered laptops I don’t even see the point in a desktop anymore.