Google Earth


Google Earth has stopped working. Is D/L Chrome the only way to get it now, please? (OSx10.11.6)




That’s a bit rude.


Just download Google Earth Pro - it’s free:


I believe there’s a link Anthony put in the sizzle sometime last year that got you a lifetime Google Earth Pro license for free but for life of me, I cant find it (the link).

also, related, yesterday the 10/3/18, if you used Google Maps you would have seen a ! box. Which, when pressed would trigger Mario in his kart with the usual catchphrases and animation instead of an arrow, nice little easter egg and well executed. nice a job!


Thank you! I D/L Google Earth from the link above, without having Chrome installed.

I’ve kept an icon in the dock so it can be opened from there. Now there’s a Google Earth icon, that looks like a HD on the desktop. Can I move that to the trash now please, without tossing the application?


That hard drive icon, that’s the mounted image of the google earth file you downloaded. When you opened it did you drag the google earth icon to your applications folder? If not you’ll need to do that or the app won’t actually be installed.


Thanks, frankie. I did drag it to the Applications folder but it changed to this:48%20AM

Not the little HD image. Can I safely assue I have the real thing in the apps. folder?


you can :slight_smile: as long as you dragged the icon from within that HD folder to your applications folder.


I double clicked on the little 05%20AM‘Gift box’ package and it went through the administrator’s password steps ending with ‘install Successful’ or something similar and a green checkmark. It just looks different in the Apps folder, the little grey and white beachball.


Drag it to the trash but don’t empty it. If Google Earth opens now, then you will be fine to empty the trash.


Did that and Google opened OK. After it went to the trash it declared it was an alias but didn’t show the little arrow or call itself an alias before hitting the trash. Thank you very much.