Google Membership Rewards malware



A few times over the past few weeks, possibly always whilst visiting eBay, my browser (Firefox) has suddenly redirected to a different page (ie - not just a pop up) offering “Google Membership Rewards”. (Obviously a scam - not a google address, etc etc.)

IE - But don’t go there…

You can’t simply go “back” as it does that annoying thing where it fills up your history with itself thing… It also had a dialog box pop up to accept the award, however there was a tickbox to stop the page from opening further dialogs.

There’s no extensions in Firefox that I can’t account for (OpenH264, Widevine, Shockwave). No extensions.

No obvious apps that I can find that I’m not familiar with. (Certainly not in the habit of installing dodgy software…)

Can anyone suggest some malware sniffing options? Following previous thread on here about malware, I tried Malewarebytes but it’s not Mavericks compatible… (har har - I know - update the OS, cosmic…)


Found Mavericks version of Malwarebytes - didn’t find anything bad, but then - it’s potentially not going to find recent malware…


Uninstall FF and reinstall?


Reset Firefox to default settings -,news-18817.html


I have Avast on my Macs. Its free for non commercial use. Its not directly an anti-malware program but will help. If you install it, it will offer various other things at annual cost which you can simply ignore and go ahead with the install. It will regularly update its signatures (several times a week) but you will need to trigger a scan yourself, I think the background scanning only comes with the premium versions. With any luck it will clean out whatever this nasty is that you have.


Thanks for the replies.

Have downloaded Avast… has identified 9 infected files so far on the first scan… Will be interested to see what it’s picked up exactly.

I’m going to move over to High Sierra, so will also look at doing a fresh instal of some software inc Firefox.


Probably a good idea to do a fresh install of High Sierra too.


The app picked up around 35 alleged malignant files. Most however don’t really “sound” like the culprit, but I guess I’ll just keep eBay surfing and see if/when I get re-directed again…

Thanks for the help everyone.


Just happened again… This time took me to an “iiNet Survey”, to win $$.

Again whilst on eBay.

I’m thinking it’s not a virus etc… but something eBay is allowing…?

Have posted a query on their community boards…