Google WiFi alternatives


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Amplifi instant isn’t as fast as the amplifi HD or the Orbi RBK50.
It is comparable to the Orbi RBK30


I’ve got an Airport Extreme that’s serving both floors of my house for now… will probably go for Amplifi HD when the Airport unit fails…


I thought I’d give an update for anyone that’s interested.

I ended up going with a 3-pack of the Amplifi HD Routers. The reasons for this were that I had height and power restrictions where I wanted to put the mesh points. The plugin antennas were not suitable and the aesthetic appeal (don’t judge me, high-WAF means I get more toys in the future :joy:). Plus, running the other 2 routers as mesh points gives me the option of having ethernet backhaul in the future.

They arrived on Saturday, after a long delay (3+ weeks) in shipping and were installed in less than an hour. Installation is done through a phone/tablet app, but unlike Google Wifi or the others, you don’t need to tie these to a social media or third-party account unless you want to manage your network remotely.

Holy. Shit. Batman. These are night and day over my ageing Telstra supplied wireless modem/router. At the furthest point in my mesh, where the mesh point is talking to another mesh point instead of the router, I’m seeing an average throughput of 250Mbps (before I was barely getting 3Mbps). Elsewhere in the house, I’m averaging around 500-800Mbps of throughput which is significantly faster than what I was seeing before.


Also, this is relevant here: Amazon has announced that it is acquiring Eero, one of the better Wifi mesh systems on the market.

Here’s the report on MacRumors.

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