Has your iCloud account been locked?


I got hit by this late last week, it was a massive inconvenience too but I didn’t realise at the time it was more than just me. Anyone here had this issue too?


No issues here. Is it back up for you?


All good here… how’s it going now?


Oh yeah I managed to get mine up and running on the same day it happened, mid-last week. I had to go through and reset my password and then verify from another device, etc etc MFA FTW but still, it was weird that it happened in the first place at the time…this news today is the first indication it was wider than just me :slight_smile:


You only get a few tries before they lock your account now. They will randomly lock your account if you access iCloud from an unfamiliar computer. It’s all to do with the celebgate thing… account hacking, which is causing Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook to go a bit nuts with their two factor authentication systems, and accessing accounts from unfamiliar computers to cover their own arses.

Blame it on hackers, not me.


Mine was locked overnight while I was asleep. Woke up to a notification on my iPhone display


They can lock it for any sort of “unusual activity.”


Obviously, but this is a wider issue