Have Apple missed the bus?


Occasionally Keychain sync will stop working on my Mac, usually it’s easy to kick into gear again (it’s gotten a lot better than it used to be).

I think right now the only thing I can’t for the life of me get working is syncing Text Shortcuts to my MacBook Pro. Everything else (seems to be) fine.

Universal copy and paste is also a bit of a black magic there, but I don’t really use it enough to care (and where to begin even troubleshooting that?)

Oh, iTunes Home Sharing stopped working between my Watch and both my Apple TVs too (which is what the Watch Remote app uses), I could still see my iTunes library from both ATVs, but my Watch couldn’t see either one. Signing out and back into iTunes Home Sharing on both Apple TVs resolved the issue.


I haven’t ever been able to get that to work!


+1 works for me too. Multiple devices, multiple networks/locations


I find the same - across multiple iPhones, MacBooks and AppleIds, it is totally hopeless


That’s not that difficult a problem to solve.

The problem is is that Apple want the iPhone to be a device in your pocket, not the device for your desk.

A phone that docks isn’t an Apple-like solution. Apple’s solution is the Mac (although they are focussing a bit of attention on the iPad Pro) is a better tool for the job when you’re at your desk, and that your data should just be there (in theory).


This would be great if handoff worked reliably and you are willing to trust your data to Apple’s very flaky cloud services - personally I’m not as I have had no end of issues with iCloud over the years and simply do not trust it with my data.


I use DropBox, it’s been without issue for me.


Not that clever. The point of a phone is portability. You still need the dock and a screen. Then if you’re going to use those, why not use a notebook computer? Apple wouldn’t waste their time with this stuff. It’s just things for news services to sell views of.