Headphones Of Choice


What are your headphones/earphones of choice for when you’re out and about? I am looking at updating to a pair of Sennheiser Momentum’s for the many hours of public transport I catch per week into and home from work.

And now that the iPhone 7 is here some may be opting for wireless options.

Do you care about things like the inbuilt mic for phone calls/etc? Do you prefer on-ear as opposed to in-ear?


For exercise or light use:

For everything else:



It’s unreal how much headphones cost these days. I’m just sticking with my $100 wired Sennheiser earbuds for a while. When I get the iPhone 7 or 7s I’ll just use the dongle, makes no difference to me.


I have a pair of mPow Cheetah in-ears at the moment, but that’s just until I get some QC35s.


I’ve got the original ones which are brilliant if not a little bulky to carry about all the time. I think they sound pretty awesome. While I’m still rocking a 6+ it won’t be an issue when I upgrade to a 7 and beyond that may pose an issue. Given the wired headphone cable is removable and replaceable I’m sort of hoping they come out with a lightning version… but then that might just be wishful thinking.

Are you looking at the wireless version or the wired ones. Thewireless looks like it has some nice features including the ability to use a wire :stuck_out_tongue:

Day to day I’m still using a pair of aJays Four I originally got through a group buy on MacTalk, although they packed it in after a couple of years so I bought a replacement set through Officeworks. Again a pretty good set of headphones to my ears.

For my wireless needs I have a set of Plantronics Backbeat GO 2’s. These sound almost as good as the aJays and I love being cable free. I charge them at work during the day then use the for home and back to work on my hour-ish commute. If I walk to and from the station it’s more like 1.5 hours each way and I can get the low battery warning if I’ve also used them for a few calls of a night at home. That said, they have never run flat so I don’t know how long they go after telling me the battery level is low.

I do get interference issues walking through Melbourne CBD (it’s been suggested it’s when I’m near the tram lines which makes some sense). I also find the wired set do much much better as a microphone when I’m making calls while walking around outside (or so the person on the other end tells me). Making calls at home seems to get less complaints.


Oh yep my father in law just got those recently. He’s had no end of bluetooth trouble with them, though could be PEBCAK.


I used Beats Studio at the moment. I got a deal on them and they’re comfortable. I’ve had to get them replaced under warranty (padding looked like it was eaten by moths) and it if it happens outside of warranty I’m done and getting something else.

Before anyone says it. Beats have come along way over the past 5 years, they’re nowhere near as terrible as they used to be.

They’re still not the best, but 10+ years of playing music in bands and nightclubs has left my hearing at a point where I can’t tell the difference (to a point) anymore anyway (I now have permanent tinnitus in my left ear).


I’ve got a pair of Jaybird Freedoms at the moment (which I reviewed right here), and they hit all the right notes for fit and sound quality. I’ve been contemplating picking up a set of BeoPlay H5’s, but no-one really needs two pairs of wireless earbuds.

There’s also Apple’s AirPods which come out in a month or so — Apple’s generous return policy means I’ll probably be able to pick up a pair and try them out, but I’ve never really liked the fit of EarPods (they never seem to fit in my ears, unlike the admittedly advantaged memory foam tips on the Freedoms), and all the things I’ve read suggest that AirPods are much the same.

I plan to pair my Freedoms with a Bose QC35 as soon as I have some overseas travel planned — there’s no way I be able to justify the cost if I wasn’t getting at least 10% back, in addition to whatever sale they’re on at the time. Funny story though, I picked up the QC25s at such a discount that I was under the GST return threshold :wink:

Or maybe the H7s, and I can relegate the QC25s to airplane duty. Hmm.


I’ve read a couple of reports about the opposite with the AirPods, only skimming Twitter/Instagram though. I’m in the same boat though, I don’t like EarPods and they don’t like.


I’m rocking a set of Westone UM1 IEM’s. I got a set of custom tips made at a local hearing place so they are comfy as :slight_smile:


I use Focal Spirit professionals I’m a bit over Sennheisr


I think I’ll try them when they come out too. When’s the preorder date?


No pre-order date for AirPods, just “late October”.


A lot of people seem to bagging the Apple earbuds for their fit. However they do seem popular. I know for my ears they actually fit the best, particularly when walking I don’t get this sound with every step I get with others, not matter what size pads. My only annoyance is the cords keep snagging on things. Could it be that people that are happy with them don’t mention it?

However, I am not sure I would buy the airpods. They seem very expensive, and they are so distinctive would I feel like a dick?

I was using AJ 4s bought though the mac talk deal until Miss Entropy lost them.


I have my QC35s which are still amazing. I do have some Bluetooth glitches, weirdly mostly in the same locations. Eg I’ll have no problems at all but around the intersection of La Trobe and Elizabeth in Melbourne CBD I get the occasional brief dropout. But this also happens on my other Bluetooth headphones, Plantronics Backbeat Go2, which are my go too pair for gym and places where my QC35s aren’t appropriate. I’d be interested to see how people fair with the Apple Airpods once they arrive. No matter how great they are, Surely people will still get some interference from time to time.


I’m waiting for a new pair of over-the-ear Beats Studio (I think ‘studio’ is the model) with a W1 chip, and the pairing to pass seamlessly to the Apple TV. Then I’m in. I believe the Solo 3 already has it and is shipping today (they had them at Doncaster on the Wednesday before iPhone 7 launch day!).


I use:
Sol Republic Tracks V10 for on-ear headphone times
urBeats for in-ear earbuds times
SleepPhones Wireless for getting to sleep times


I have a pair of Jabirds too. One of the things I don’t like about them is that you shouldn’t (per the manufacturer), charge them with anything which outputs more than 1AMP and for longer than 2 1/2 hours.

That’s a pain!, it means I can’t use my iPhone/iPad charger to charge them, so have to charge them via my Mac. It’s ok day to day but not when I travel as I don’t take my MacBook with me anymore.

I also have to remember to unplug them after 2 1/2 hours.

Benny, is this an issue for you?


Huh, I wasn’t aware that that was even a limitation. Wonder what the possible reasoning for that is — some fragile battery tech that doesn’t recognise when it’s charged to capacity, or how to limit the charge supplied to the battery?

Looking at my iPhone 7 wall plug, it’s 5V/1A. IPad chargers I think are 5V/2.5A or whatever 12W is.

I only charge via my Mac, so this isn’t an issue. But yeah, weird. Also no idea what their support is like, either.


aka they haven’t implemented satisfactory current limiting or charge sensing circuitry so instead put the onus onto the customer.