Headphones Of Choice


It’s on their website (not actually in their instructions). I had read a review somewhere else, and they stated that they did not know about the charging requirements and destroyed their earphones from overcharging them as a result.

I thought that if this was an issue with their earphones, then they should have supplied a charger or made it explicit in the instructions. I had been charging them with my iPad charger, so not sure how much damage I may have caused.

They also state to avoid charging them in your car, as most cars output 2.1A.

The wording from the Jaybird website "HOW DO I CHARGE MY HEADPHONES?
Analyze the primary power and charging source. We find computers to be a great, safe method. Anything that is less than 1 AMP is safe and recommended. Car chargers produce a much greater power supply, so we recommend staying away from those. Over charging your battery will quickly reduce the life of the headset, so along with monitoring the power supply, try to keep your charge time limited to 2.5 hours and always try to run the battery out until the unit is dead."


I’m currently an a-jays four user for day to day and my bulky Bose A20s when in and around aircraft.

I’ve been looking for an active noise canceling set such as the Bose QC20i for a while but the JBL reflect awares with no battery pack have recently sparked my interest, there’s just very few reviews on them.


An update on my Jaybirds. I started to experience battery issues. They earphones could not keep a full charge. They would report 100%, then after an hour or so drop to 60% and then shortly after 10% and then power off.

It got to the point where I could not trust the battery indicator as even though the earphones were reporting they had 60% battery, they would suddenly shut off.

I contacted Jaybirds support who refused to assist and provide any remedy or support for the faulty earphones. I ended up having to go back to Apple (where I purchased them), and they provided me with a full refund.

Not happy that Jaybirds were not prepared to support and stand by their own product, and it took Apple to make things right. I’m now without a set of Bluetooth earphones, but will probably get Apple’s Airpods when they are released (as I know that Apple at least stand by their product and honour their warranty).


Yup, I’ll probably get chucked off the interwebz for admitting it, but I’m perfectly happy with the standard Apple earpods. I’m forever forgetting to take them with me when I travel and I have a collection of about 5-6 pairs purchased from Apple Stores in various cities around the world! I do have some decent(ish) noise cancelling jobs for long flights and occasionally I’ll sit and listen to music with them at home, but when running/walking/doing stuff out and about it’s the Apple earpods all the way!


I just bought myself a pair of Bose SoundLink Around Ear II’s - I can’t justify the QC35s and to be honest, i personally don’t really like noise cancelling - I like to hear a bit of the environment around me.

These headphones are great. They have a nice sound, battery life is excellent, they pair nicely with my iPhone and you can have two Bluetooth devices at once using them, they also remember 8 devices. They have a synth voice that provides you with battery level and pairing information when you power them on, and they’re comfortable to wear.

I got mine in Camberwell Victoria for $330 (retail $379). Love the little carry case that stores an emergency cable for when the battery dies and a USB charging cable.

Anyway just my opinion.


Ear bud of any kind seem to hurt my ears if I wear them for any length of time. Placing them so they dont hurt means they end up falling out. I don’t like the in-ear things anymore, except around home (I bought some Ultimate Ears some years ago when decryption organised a bulk buy)… I dont like not knowing whats going on around me. so that leaves me with on ear or over ear things. And I dont have any with a mic so for now, its nothing. I dont want BT, I have enough stuff already draining the battery and needing charging.


Currently using B&O Beoplay H3, but planning to get the wireless version (H5) soon :slight_smile:


My main headphones are a set of Australian made, custom fitted, heavy duty waterproof Earmould headphones but I also have a pair of House of Marley earphones for at home use.


Bowers & Wilkins P3.

I wouldn’t consider myself an audiophile, but I do love a decent set of headphones and I love the simplicity of these. Wired connection, foldable metal construction with padded headband, open cell foam over-ear pads and detachable cable. Sound wise they are biased toward lower frequencies, producing a fairly warm sound that lacks clarity with some tracks. I’ve been running some custom equaliser settings to offset this shortfall.

There’s better headphones out there for sure, but I’m fond of them, so no complaints here.



I’ve been lusting after the P5s for quite a while now, even more with the wireless version. Although, I did see that they’ve just released the P9s which are over-the-ear (my preference), which is making me think I might have to stay in dongle-town a little longer.


i’m using these with iphone for daily use,


though they don’t seem to be loud enough. any recommendations for a more ‘powerful’ set. i prefer in ear.


how do you find the sleepphones? was thinking of getting a pair for my partner.


I use them every night. I think they’re a brilliant product and have recommended them to friends and colleagues, those who have taken the plunge have no regrets.


cool, I ordered a pair yesterday - the induction charging version.


And here I am plugging mine in like a savage :sob: