Hello All - Been a long time


I haven’t been around on the forums in a long time. It must been close to 18 months or so. Just got too busy with life. But I wanted to make an effort to come back as I do like the community here and still like using forums.

So hello all and I hope everyone is doing great. Can’t wait to catch up on the usual posts :slight_smile:


Welcome back! Life has a habit of getting in the way of things. I’m constantly amazed just how often you realise that thing you were just getting to was 3 months ago now and it’s still not done. I have many of those.


I’ve also given away twitter. It’s a time waste and some new aspects of what they are doing annoys me. Looking to also probably drop Facebook too and rid myself of that once more.


Welcome back :slight_smile:

Hey, there’s a new iPhone! :wink:


Yeah, my wife got one late last year. Now she wants a new Apple Watch too.