Help remembering the names of old TV shows


Way back in what was probably the '80s , though less likely the '90s, I recall watching what might have been a couple of TV mini series on the ABC (most likely). Both were, I think British. I have no idea what they were called, but I’m curious to see them again. I hope that if I describe them, someone might remember what they were.

The first involved, I believe, people from the future travelling back to the present to change the events of the past. The only things I remember about it is that the people of the future were all bald and wore wigs, and there was a house where some event(s) occurred that caught fire. The people of the future had set up a house to practice whatever it is they were going to do, and used some device in their hand to instantly light a fire in the house. At some point I remember them crouching behind a small hill when something exploded.

The second was about a man investigating a murder. He was tracking down a strange man with physic powers who seemed to have some or other cult inside a castle. When the hero snuck into the castle, the evil man spotted him and projected his worst fear, which was of rats. The hero then believed he was surrounded by rats, tried to run away, and crashed his car.

Does anyone remember what these were? They were either movies or TV series I think, and rebroadcast every few years, as I recall seeing them more than once.


Here’s Humphrey?


I’d post this on the /r/television subreddit - you’ll likely garner a better response with a (much) wider audience.


If there’s a better response than Here’s Humphrey I’d be surprised :wink: