HFC NBN - Any Experience?


Apparently nbn will upgrade all backhaul once it reaches 70% utilisation levels.

I think with CVC prices as they are. It might be a little till these are reached.

But the upload congestion of HFC will be very real especially as more users come onto the network.


Is anyone here in SA and on NBN HFC? I’m getting terrible upload speeds while download speeds are fine. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6781247043 (100Mb/s down 0.30Mb/s up)

I tried power-cycling all the things and rebooted everything I could, hell I even reset the Time Capsule and recreated all the settings. I ended up calling Telstra and it appears that many people have apparently reported this issue…


Then many people have reported the issue and you have nothing to worry about. It will be fixed in due course.


Here’s hoping it’s sooner than later. :slight_smile:


Hang on, what? Telstra? NBN? I think you’re being rather optimistic to infer that it’ll be fixed just because many people have reported problems. This is a command economy model and the poor consumer/end user is of little importance. Mind you I guess you do say “in due course” which brings it back down to reality!


The purpose of the NBN is/was to get rid of the economic rationalism that left most of regional Australia in a position where in reality they were left on 8mbit/s or less. Now what happens after the initial rollout with the backhaul upgrade is anyones guess. However, at least the NBN makes back haul upgrades quite simple. In some cases as simple as enabling more speed through the existing pipe.


To be honest, I found the Telstra ultimate cable to be better even with its lower upload speed. It was rock solid, I didn’t see much congestion and no dropouts. Most likely as most people on my street were on Optus or old with nothing. Now every single person in the entire block will be on it, whether they want to be or not. And I’m seeing dropouts like crazy, and hammering of speeds in peak times. I’m one of the few that are on it so can’t wait to see how it goes when everyone rolls onto the network on my street. The scheduled outages from NBN while they deploy it in my area are great too. Without fail they start earlier and end well over the time.


I just had my FTTN connected today, after it was botched yesterday. I’m getting just a tad over 20 Mbps on a line that should be able to get 50. Telstra rep tells me that it takes a couple of days after connection to resolve. We’ll see.


The only way I can see that being true is if they’ve got you on a 25/5 line profile and haven’t applied the “speed boost” component to your account yet.


And I’m back online. Had to deal with the usual 1 PM to 5 PM time slot. The tech turned up, had all the necessary parts and checked the whole thing over. His provisioning App (Android) failed so he had to call NBN to get the MAC address of the modem updated.

Beside the dead Arris, the coax fly lead had also failed and for good measure, he replaced the connector to the joint in the pit on the other side of the road.


Depends which government is involved.


Getting back to the original question about NBN over HFC…

We were moved from ADSL to NBN over HFC just on a year ago.

The speed is pretty much what we pay for - we are on a 12/1 plan and I get 11/.8 or similar - no problem there as it was faster than our ADSL that never got above 1.5 due to our distance from exchange.

But in that time, we have had 4 significant (2 hour +) outages directly related to the HFC technology, which in our area is Foxtel TV cabling. This included an entire weekend (midday friday to monday) when we had no NBN and no home phone either.

Of note, the Customer Service Guarantee doesn’t apply to home phone delivered over NBN, however it is delivered.

In the 10 or so years on ADSL we only ever had 1 outage when something happened at the exchange, and that took out dial-tone out too.


The landline phone issue was never something I’d realised til the above post - never put 2 and 2 together. The more I think about it, the worse I feel the situation, especially for older people who are much less likely to be accepting of mobile phone tech.

My father is in Rotary. One of the other Rotarians in his group is a Telstra bigwig in the area. He’s spoken to the group several times on the NBN. Yet even then my father has not come away with the knowledge that he needs to ensure any NBN setup includes a battery back up for the landline.


I know it depends on location and how many users share the network but I just moved away from a HFC place where I was getting 270Mbps down and around 70Mbps up, with a 6ms ping. It was glorious.

And now I’m waiting on FTTN NBN :frowning: