High Sierra - Mail - Un-Minimize window



High Sierra question…

In the olden days, if I clicked on the yellow circle to minimize Mail’s main windowpane, it would minimize down into the right hand side of the Dock. The window could then be un-minimized by either clicking on it, or clicking on the Mail app icon (much easier than finding the right minimized window).

Now, when I click on the Mail app in the dock, when there is a minimized Mail windowpane minimized, it does nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Til I realised the problem, I was opening a new windowpane… thus ended up with multiples of the thing existing.

Why, Apple, why?

Is there some “put it back how it was in the old OS days that worked fine for a decade+” tickbox somewhere??

Whilst I am on the hunt for a cheeeap 2nd 23" Apple Alu Display so I could for instance keep Mail open all the time (except when editing video of course), I’m not there yet.




As unhelpful as this sentence is, it works perfectly for me - tested on two machines, in High Sierra and in Mojave.


Ok - must be an issue exclusively my own then. :}


Confirming it works fine here under High Sierra also.

Have you tried restarting the Dock or logging out and back in again? I always do that or a restart before I spend too much time trying to solve stuff. Sometimes things just get wounded in action.



Restart = Fixed

I have become too complacent with these modern OS’s that rarely need restarting…

Thanks for the replies.