HomeKit Compatible Security Cameras


Off the back of this thread HomeKit and home automation, and some dodgy shit happening on my street lately, I’m looking to grab a decent Homekit/homebridge compatible camera system. So far, my only research has pointed me in the direction of Netgear’s Arlo setup.

Are there any others (I refuse to consider ring products due to their poor privacy record) that I should be considering that offer either integration with homebridge or native homekit support.

Also, can anyone offer any opinions on the Arlo system, pros and cons from a user point of view?



I’ve been looking into this myself a little and I do like the Ring ones but yeah the lack of security I’ve been hearing about is off-putting.

Do any of the Arlo ones have HomeKit support? According to their website, they have almost everything but

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I want one of these:

expensive though, and not homekit compatible.

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I was just reading that the new 4K version of Arlo has built in HomeKit support, the older ones AFAIK, had to be exposed via homebridge and that was sketchy at best.



Just saw these on JB’s website - a cool $500 per unit - no thanks, if I was going to spend that sort of cash I’d look into wired POE solutions.



Arlo seems way too expensive for my liking, I just want to start off with something basic that doesn’t require a hub plugged into the modem



I have 2 of the Logitech Logi Circle 2 cameras. Only the wired (USB) versions are HomeKIt compatible. Price varies, sometimes Amazon US has on sale.
Like many of these cameras there is an annual subscription to get all the advanced features, but can be used without the subscription




I’ve got 6 Omna 180 degree cameras - they sell these at the Apple store and are easily connected to Homekit. Works well, I can recommend.

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I feature to consider is does the camera just offer live feed or movement detection with recording. Is the recording stored locally, or is the recordings stored in the cloud. Storing on the cloud may involve a fee and requires an internet connection. I also have one Omna 180 inside. It stores on a micro sd card so no fees. However if someone takes the camera, they also take the recording of them taking the camera. With cameras like Ring or Logi Circle you have cloud recording of someone taking the camera.



HAve you seen the Argus Reolink 2 camera? Sounds like it might be right up your alley. Uses your exisiting wifi network, however, the downside is that there is absolutely no HomeKit/home automation support for any platform…



I hadn’t but I’ll keep that one in mind. They have a cloud recording subscription which isn’t too costly either so that’s a plus. $299 for the camera though which is quite a lot for dipping your toe in, as a bonus though there’s an optional solar panel you can get for it